Getting ready for BGG.con!

Hi Everyone! BGG.con (Board Game Geek Convention) is right around the corner and we’re getting ready for it as we speak. Just wanted to give you a quick message to let you know we’re still on track with filming our gameplay videos as well as are quickly trying to prepare the completely revised demo kit for you all. My goal is to make sure that you at least have gameplay videos to watch while you print out these demo kits. As well, I look forward to posting up more artwork and card mechanics for you all to see for discussions!

Refund Questions!

Sadly, we are still processing refunds requests. So if you have not yet received an e-mail from Melissa about whether you’ve been approved and are bing processed, have no fear. We’re a bit bogged down with them so it’s been taking some time. There are also some complicated ones as some were pledged for via PayPal, KS, Pledge Manager, etc.

Some of you who backed both Battle Royale and our Minis Campaign, please note that these will be two separate refunds in order to ensure we don’t completely mess up our system.

On the flipside, I’ve had several backers interested in picking up the abandoned pledges. We are also working on getting that ready and making it available right after the completion of the refunds. Once we’re green lit, I’ll make an official announcement.

Board Game Geek

I think I mentioned it in a previous update, but we will be sharing a booth with Greenbrier Games at the convention. We will most likely do a short raffle for some goodies once again. Those who are backers for ANY of our campaigns (this includes Martial Arts: The Card Game as well as Dragon Tides) are automatically entered. If you’re able to make it to the convention, you can enter a separate “on the scene” raffle as well. Both raffles are equivalent prizes to give those who can’t make it a chance to win something cool 🙂

We’ll also demo Fairytale Games: Battle Royale although there won’t be event tickets like at GenCon. Instead, we’ll be hosting demos at the gaming area from time to time (for an actual schedule, you can sign up at our booth!) As well, we’ll be demoing Dragon Tides and maybe more of our games. If you’re able to make it, please stop on by. I’d love to meet you and thank you in person for your support!

Ok, I’ll see you all in an update very soon., Have a great night!


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