Refund Update and Gameplay Element

Hi Everyone, hope you’re all doing well in preparation for the holidays!

I was planning on giving an update early next week, but felt that there has been discussion of pressing concerns I wanted to address now.



I hope that none of this comes off as too direct, especially since this is a sensitive topic. As you know, we opened refund request for the entire month of October. Although we mentioned that they were case by case, if you asked for it, you pretty much were “green lit” and received an ok.

But here’s the thing. Some of you have been refunded while others are processing. I’ve mentioned a few times via the comment threads as to why the process is so slow. Please allow me to make it a bit more upfront.

The reason for these refund delays is because I am personally taking on freelance jobs on the side to pay for them. All the money raised on KS plus our own company savings, as mentioned during the Battle Royale campaign, went towards the production of the game and all the free stretch goals. Giving refunds in October was and is my personal gesture to make things right with those who do not feel comfortable waiting it through, which is completely understandable.

What I’m saying, for those who are waiting for refunds is that it’s coming but it isn’t appearing out of thin air as I’d really like. (wouldn’t we all?) See, I’m personally invested in the game, the company, and you. But we are a very small company and we are inexperienced. But because we have heart and a true desire to go beyond just throwing it together to say it’s done, we’re going to strive to continue to move forward and master our trade. Still, a lot needs to be improved and it won’t happen overnight or in months. Believe me, we’re still trying to fix our internal problems and strengthen several things we’ve been weak at.

I understand the frustration of expecting refunds and having to wait, especially during the holidays where having that extra cash is great. But please note that I’m honestly trying my best. Clients are being tough to conclude their projects and tack on revision after revisions to my work, mostly because they have a lot of ideas to promote their business during the holidays. But as soon as invoices clear, I refund whoever is next in line for refunds who ALSO made our October deadline. It’s going to take time, but it’s coming.


I do apologize but there are no exceptions because it was mentioned in several updates before, during, and after October with the instructions on who to contact. We have a back record of emails and specifically mentioned to send it to Melissa before the deadline. But, we do have a solution for you. We can post your pledge for purchase when we’re done with our online store (another thing we’re working on to facilitate refunds that missed the deadlines). I think we will have this ready fairly soon so please hold on.


Respectfully, there are a couple of instances where refund requests have been posted onto other project comment threads. Please do not do that. Keep it within this project or contact Melissa or myself directly. Doing otherwise will definitely not make your process quicker. Also, please note that the minis campaign refunds will be handled AFTER the Battle Royale ones, which will come after I can get more freelance work completed. Please excuse the wordiness of this but i felt it would be best if you were all in the know!


To be honest, with Battle Royale, I personally have family, friends and clients who supported our new endeavor of Artistic Justice Games through this campaign. It’s very embarrassing and hard for me, especially during the holidays to publicly announce that I’m working freelance on the side to pay for refunds that belong to kickstarter projects that are in production (and not vaporware) which had been invested in over a year ago. But I’m announcing it very loudly know because I want you to understand there’s no intent to delay refunds, rather I hope them to be over soon just as much as you all are.


The refunds have eaten all my time. I’m sorry to have to say it, but I’m working 100% on freelance to knock these out before I can worry about other internal things outside of actual game related production. But it’s done (about half of the items are in Dropbox just sitting there) and just waiting me to plop the other half of the cards on PDF sheets. So with this said, I look to be finished with refund requests for both campaigns by the end of December. On my off time, possibly during the holidays, I’ll dedicate time into uploading and sharing the Demo Kit link to you.

In the meantime, let me share with you a few elements of the kit (as continuation from last time):


As mentioned in the last update, combat initially will take about 10-15 minutes against a player if you just rush in with no loot or gear. So besides quests, how can you get some?

Basic Location cards are different than Landmarks. All Landmark Locations (like the Emerald City for example) usually have quests for you to start or provide some unique buff or cure/heal ability that effects you instantly.

In this example, the left card “THE SHORE” is a random “Draw a Bonus Card” bonus. Once its resource is used, you would flip it over indicating that you can’t tap into the bonus anymore. The other side shows the same card, but without any text.

The second example “SWAMPS”, you notice there are two cube boxes on top. That is because this location can be extracted for resources twice. But after you extract it once, the next person (even if it’s you) will have to spend two turns on the location to extract it the second time. (Some have 3 so unless you need it… keep moving!)

The third example “FOREST”, shows an Ambush scenario. Once this happens, you’ll enter battle with whatever minion or character that’s specified on the card. If it says a random minion, you’ll have to randomly choose from the minion stack to see which one to enter combat with. Some cards give you the initiative (lets you attack first) while ambush means the enemy attacks first.


So Minions and Bosses play differently than characters because they are AI. When you begin battle with one, you will still draw your 5 cards from the universal Battle Deck. Although you play cards as you would against a person, AI controlled characters will attack/defend by dice roll. In this example, the wolf is indeed an easy kill. If they roll a 1, 2, or 3 value they just stare at you (intently, I presume). With 4 and 5 they claw you for 1 ATK damage. But if you roll bad and get a 6, they can attack for 1 and add a dice roll on top of it (bleed damage) to shred you. With only 5 Health points and the highest of 3 def, these guys are super easy. They have no known abilities either so it’s a straight kill for a rush to get 1 reputation point and 5 trait points (you can place your trait points in any of your trait slots on your character board.)

But don’t just shrug them off! Obviously, wolves are stronger in packs. So be careful when you roam the forests! Still, minions aren’t meant to bog you down too much, rather just pick at your health before you kill them, giving you more loot to use or your opponent more chances to see an opening to kill you quicker 😛

And of course Bosses have a meaner stat/dice value ratio, some even call in minions to play. With beefy abilities, you know for sure that bosses earn great rewards. Some might be way too tough to defeat alone, so build your alliances with other players carefully 🙂


As the year end rushes forward, you’ll be sure to see a lot of things coming together much more diligently and efficiently. Like I said, it’s not going to be an instant change, but a progressive one nonetheless. So far we are still on track with our Google Doc schedule (minus the internal deadlines for reasons mentioned above). The Sacred 40 miniatures are already being produced and with luck, we can get some nice photos from the factory to showcase of the assembly process. Either way, we’ll continue to keep updates and comments current. Have a good night everyone!

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