Announcing some names!

Hi Everyone,

This is just a very quick follow-up update to announce the winners of the holiday raffle. Winners will receive a signed manufacture miniature from our last batch of minis campaign proofs (since we had quite a few extras sent to us.) As mentioned, 20 (we added one more to round it out) names were chosen from all our current list of campaign backers. Here are the winners:

  • Frost
  •  Nova Forge Enterprise
  •  Michael Dalili
  •  Zarthemad
  • Bryan Behl
  • Jay
  •  Tom Davey
  •  Lily
  •  Tim Felts
  •  Liz Engebrecht
  •  Haily
  •  Courtney Powell
  •  Disrobed monk
  •  Moneypenny
  •  Ned
  •  Eric
  •  John Dossa
  •  SVR The Boy
  •  Christopher Brown
  •  Simona Dostalova

All of these raffle winners will be contacted tomorrow via the KS messages just to confirm that you won. We’ll be sending out your winnings to you by next week. And among the 20, one of you will receive the Dr.Frankenstein+Frankenstein’s Monster combo. Congratulations to all of you!

Next Update

Yep, it’s one you really want to see. Something to see, something to download, really useful and cool stuff like that. See you this weekend!


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