Some news to kick off January!

Hi Everyone,

With the dropping temperatures and gross weather we’re having here, hope everyone is staying warm and safe! Today’s update has a few big things going for it so let’s get right down with it.

The Demo Kit?

Yep, it’s finally here in all its glory! Still, there’s a few things we need to first mention before you start downloading. The demo kit has roughly 160 cards in total. In a nutshell, it will showcase about 75% of the gameplay mechanics, just enough to familiarize you with the basics. Since Fairytale Games: Battle Royale was never meant to be shrunk down to a demo version, there will be more to it with all the cards present in a regular full game. So what is different?

  • Although there are 8 characters available in the demo kit, you should only play a max of 4 players. The reason behind it is that without enough bonus cards or cards that gear you up with more weapons, armor, action cards, and allies, it would be to drawn out for an 8 player death match.
  • You are only able to sample 4 quests, just so you can get an idea how it works. There are many quests that are available in the game, all of which will help you acquire “legendary” items or “epic” items (by defeating bosses.) The 2 quest branches to win the game without having to get kills, is not part of the demo kit. So if you’re wondering how you can face off against the Trinity, you’ll have to wait for the core game ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • For the kit, we threw a few legendary weapons there just so you can gauge their power. There’s also one Epic Weapon for when you defeat a boss in the demo, but you can try it out if you want. There are a lot of location and landmark location variety missing in the kit. So don’t worry if you don’t see the Jolly Roger or if some of the basic lands are monotonous. We had to tweak some of the card stats to tailor make it to be playable for the demo.
  • There are only 3 minions and 1 boss type in the demo, whereas a lot more are part of the core game. Please ignore some of the card numbers on some of the cards as these were not the final cards.
  • Since November, we’ve made a fair amount of adjustments and edits, especially to some of the grammar and fonts/spacing.
  • Some gameplay mechanics are absent from the demo kit since there aren’t enough of the key cards to use them such as Backstab/Alliance Bonuses and stuff like that. Plus there are a few mechanics that were tweaked for the demo kit which you’ll see in the instructions.

Following the above disclaimer, I have two other important things to give you by the end of this week. Actually, VERY important….. The Demo Kit rules and an Instructional Video! Both will be posted so you can actually play the demo rather than just look at pretty pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

For those who are going to print them out, we made a page of “Backs” and followed with the respective card pages. Obviously, you’ll need to use the “Back” files multiple times for all the “Fronts”. Anyway, if you have any questions, please let me know!

And here we go (There are 2 parts):

Refunds for Battle Royale Complete

Another great bit of news is that we’ve finally rounded up the last of the BATTLE ROYALE refunds. If you haven’t received your refund for the Minis Campaign yet, there’s good reason. We haven’t started on them yet. But this week and next, we’ll get to it. As for Battle Royale refunds that have some issues still and you have already sent us an email, rest assured we’ll take care of you this week. For those who missed the October deadline, once again….. we will not be issuing any more refunds. What we CAN offer you, is to post up your abandoned pledge on our online store and send you payment for it if someone pledges for it. But currently, we do have quite a bit of inventory that have been refunded back to us in October.

Which brings me to…..

For those who want to pledge for abandoned pledges…!

We just finished populating our online store and are ready to release them to you. We only uploaded pledges that have been refunded or are in the process of refunds, nothing more. Later, when we do have product inventory in, we will populate the site with them, but at close to MSRP pricing. So get these pledges WITH their stretch goals while you can!

Ah, a VERY important thing to note…. all products will have to have shipping. Because our online store isn’t very innovative, we can’t separate the shipping for purchases from both campaigns. So instead of giving ourselves a headache, we’re going to eat some of the shipping costs. US is free where everywhere else is $25. This ends up being a cheaper for some countries and a bit more expensive for others. As well, for Battle Royale it’s more expensive, but for the Minis Campaign it’s cheaper than our campaign shipping. So I guess it’s a compromise ๐Ÿ™‚

Raffle Winners

As a follow up from the last update, we’ll be sending out prizes this week. When you do receive them, definitely post up photos of them and tell us all how you like them! If you’re on BGG, you can post some photos on our Fairytale Games page as well. This also gives our fellow backers and new eyes to our universe a better sense of what they look/feel like (rather than just us showing off something that might get assumed as vaporware.)

Production Schedule

This week, I’ll be updating the google doc again. But frankly, we’ve been moving forward steadily so there’s not much to change (except for the internal assignments like posting videos and stuff.) Right now, we’re finishing up with prepping Battle Royale to be sent off to the printers along with some of the spinoff stuff (it should be completely submitted within the next 2-3 weeks in totality, box art and all.) Following, the next “big” thing would be receiving inventory of the Sacred40 minis in March. Those will be actual product and no longer proofs. I am REALLY excited about that.

I think to keep things organized and focused, we’ll be knocking things out one by one rather than scattering among trying to get all items out at one time. So once Battle Royale’s core is out to the printer, we’ll start finalizing Horror Edition. Keep in mind, I am not going to promise a demo kit for that this time around (to avoid shooting myself several times in the foot, face and gut). But you never know…. if it’s within our new time frame, we’ll be more than happy to post one up so you can see the new mechanics incorporated in that version.

To make this less wordy…

Since that was a lot to read, here’s a few iphone photos from our demo kit in action during the holidays.


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