Picking up Abandoned Pledges!

Hi Everyone,

This is an update for those who want to pledge for abandoned pledges in both our Battle Royale and Minis Campaign Kickstarter. (Disclaimer: If you’re not interested in picking up a rare Lion King pledge or any from the Minis campaign, ignore this entire update).

We just finished populating our online store and are ready to release them to you. We only uploaded the store with pledges that have been refunded or are in the process of refunds, nothing more.

Later, when we do have product inventory in, we will populate the site with them but at a close to MSRP pricing. So get these pledges WITH their original Kickstarter Stretch Goals while you can here:


A VERY important thing to note…. all products will have to have shipping. Because our online store isn’t very innovative, we can’t separate the shipping for purchases from both campaigns. So instead of giving ourselves a headache, we’re going to eat some of the shipping costs. US is free where everywhere else is $25. This ends up being a cheaper for some countries and a bit more expensive for others. As well, for Battle Royale it’s more expensive, but for the Minis Campaign it’s cheaper than our campaign shipping. So I guess it’s a compromise 🙂

Ok, stay tuned for next time, when we have our regular scheduled update!

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