Demo Kit Video Tutorials :)

Hi Everyone,

As a followup to the last update, we’ve posted a few YouTube videos that you can follow along with in order to better familiarize yourself with Fairytale Games: Battle Royale, and more specifically the Demo Kit. The tutorials utilize the demo kit and discuss the components (part1), battle (part2), and the overall setup of the game. In part3 we do a Solo Game walkthrough.

One VERY important thing to note is that this is not the entire game, but just the demo kit. As well… after watching them, we also understand that we are boring, monotone and obviously have no hope as broadcast journalist talents or an acting career. So…. instead of entertaining you, the videos do more of informing you through the rambling and hacking/coughing from our speaker having the flu.

So without further a do:

Any New Development?

There’s a lot going on at the moment! The past couple weeks, the team and I have been doing a few rounds of getting each other sick so we are finally all just recovering. But one bit of news that’s pretty exciting is… well… let me show you:

Yep, if you look closely, those are the factory sealed BOXED sacred40 miniatures! The manufacturer sent 2 sets right off the presses to let us know they are making minis at this very moment and will start shipping them to our warehouse soon after 🙂

While that’s going on, we’re working with the print manufacture to get Battle Royale ready (we’re going through a few layout revisions again to meet the printer’s needs.) As well, there were a few backer refunds from created cards that we need to replace in the core edition with new cards, or with backer cards that initially wanted to be in the core edition but couldn’t because of space limitations. I’m super excited to get that ball rolling in hyperspeed. Other items that are finalizing are art books and some of our spinoff items.

As well, I’m looking forward to our next update as we’ll have a few more cool gameplay things to talk about (that weren’t part of the demo kit) as well as a followup with production 🙂

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