Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

Hi Everyone and Happy Lunar New Year! This week is definitely a hectic week for the team as we’re pushing forward with several important deliverables this Friday to go to print. This year is going to be an exciting year 🙂

I don’t know any ship jokes…

Really, I couldn’t think of something snappy or funny to introduce this but… The Sacred40 are on a boat and heading to us! From what we understand, they will arrive at our warehouse in the middle of March. Obviously, we’re at the edge of our seats just as you and we’ll keep you updated as we find out more. But all the greens and greys will be arriving VERY soon!

So…. what does that mean for you? What we are planning is to fulfill the Sacred40 Miniatures for both the Battle Royale and the Fairytale Minis Campaigns at the same time in a wave one shipment! Though some of you may have already received our contest prizes from the holidays and GenCon of last year and got to check out these minis personally, soon most of you’ll be holding these minis for yourselves! I for one am super excited to get these to you 🙂

Of course any outstanding refund or abandoned pledges will be taken care of before that time. Any address changes, please send an e-mail to: noelia@artisticjustice.com with the subject title “Address Change”.

50 Shades of Green

You KNOW I had to say that. Anyway, some of you had asked about the Kickstarter Exclusive Greens. So what kind of green made the cut? Let’s take a look!

As you can see, we started off with an interesting and quite accidental “Hunter Green”. Following we tweaked the PMS colors and ended up with a very refreshing “Minty Green”. Eventually, we toned down the brightness to make it much closer to what was voted on, which was a subtle Kickstarter Green (one of the original Kickstarter green color swatches) that still had elements of grey to it. We wanted it to look special for backers and not give a “deer in the headlights” feel.

Here’s a few more comparison shots:

Below are the final Kickstarter Green and Eternal Grey:

When we’re ready to start fulfillment, we’ll create an e-mail for those who should be receiving the Kickstarter Exclusive Green, to write in if you prefer the Eternal Grey instead (to match the Minis Campaign minis colors.)

Battle Royale Schedule

Since our last update, we’ve updated the google doc with a more concise schedule. As we get closer to meeting deliverables, you’ll start seeing specific dates. Currently, we are rushing final print production asset and component corrections to our Manufacture this Friday for Battle Royale. If we make it, then we will be estimating that Battle Royale will arrive sometime in July (depending on the Lunar New Year manufacture holidays). What that essentially means, is that our goal is to have them in our warehouse and start fulfillment of Battle Royale before GenCon.

If this can happen, we will also be able to offer GenCon pick up of the game and any other components we plan on getting ready for that time, like the Art Book, Rumplestiltskin, teaser pack, promo stuff, etc. I think a lot of our schedule will be more apparent after this week’s rush. I’ll have the Google Doc updated again soon after. So by GenCon this year, you should have Battle Royale and the Sacred 40 to play it with at the very least, though I expect more.

Gameplay Stuff

Since releasing the Demo Kit for downloads as well as the Videos on Solo Mode (which also covers game setup and a basic walkthrough), we’ve answered a few great questions about gameplay. But one question that came up several times was about the Backstabbing and Teamwork bonuses. This was hinted at but was not included in the Demo Kit.

In Battle Royale, you will acquire Kill Points when defeating bosses or other players. When you do, to also help to signify the number of points you have, you will draw a random card from either the Betrayal Deck or Alliance Deck. The cards will have a situation that if you complete it, you will get bonuses. Obviously, Betrayals harm other players while Alliance help them. What’s unique about this is that you can do it as many time you want to reap the bonuses. So not only are they tallies of your Kills, but also active bonus situations.

There’s also another reason for choosing Betrayal or Alliance. Certain quests you can claim at the Dragon Inn will require specific types of Kill Points. Some items, specifically weapons can only be equipped if you are aligned as “more evil” or “more good”, which pertains to the majority of Kill point types you have. Items of this sort will of course be more powerful.

Here’s an example of what these cards look like:

After the immediate deliverables, we’ll be finishing up some videos that will highlight a 3-4 player game as well as Super Fairytale Fighters 2. Once the Sacred40 minis are in, we’ll also produce a video to cover each of the minis and post it on BGG.

GenCon 2015

Definitely an exciting convention for us this year! We’ll be in a much larger space alongside Greenbrier Games, this time with our Artistic Justice Games presence with products to showcase. We’ll be demoing Fairytale Games: Battle Royale alongside Dragon Tides and Martial Arts: The Card Game in the booth and we will have events for Battle Royale and Dragon Tides in the event hall (now that we experienced last year, we now know how to run events at GenCon properly.)

If you’re able to make it, we’d love to see you there. This time, besides a possible campaign wide raffle, we’re going to offer a special promo cards. But don’t worry, if you can’t make it there, we’ll find ways to make them available for everyone 🙂


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