The Sacred 40 Minis are Here!

Hi Everyone! Just getting back from a very successful trip to GAMA, we have exciting news from our end as your Sacred 40 Miniatures have arrived! They are in the warehouse now, being unpacked and processed into our databases. This might take about a week or sooner. Meanwhile, the shipping center is having us structure our database a certain way in Excel to ensure that everyone’s orders are correct. (Believe me, this part is not fun at all.) Once this info is updated, it’s time for Wave 1 of Fulfillment! So, anyone with address updates please send them to

As well, remember you’ll be receiving the EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter Green minis. I understand that some of you would rather have the Eternal Grey ones that match the ones in the minis campaign. If you want Grey instead of Green, please e-mail your request to: with the subject line 40 SHADES OF GREY. You’ll have until April 1st to do so before we begin Fulfillment 🙂

If you are going to GENCON and would rather pick the minis up then, please let us know at the same e-mail address, but with the subject line: GENCON PICKUP (Please note that this is JUST for the Sacred 40s at this moment.)

I want more info on the games!

Now that the minis are in and will soon be on its way, the updates will be completely focused on the games and spinoffs. Battle Royale is complete and all edits have been made (fingers crossed….please….). So it looks like manufacturing will start very soon and is in our printer’s queue. I’ve given all the green lights as I can so I’m at their mercy. But with whatever updates I have, I’ll be diligent in letting you all know. We are still shooting for having them by GenCon though it will be very close. I’m hoping they will be in by then so that backers who attend can go ahead and pick them up.

Next, I want to briefly go over the other editions of the game. Though we started this campaign with the intentions of having Zombie Edition be the only other edition and be merely an art swap, these editions have turned into something completely new. We’ve glossed over them before but to give you a little insight, here’s some details.

HORROR EDITION: In this iteration, since the storyline follows the conclusion of Battle Royale, think of this as less of a “survival of the fittest”, rather a more teamwork-ish game since several players will have to work together to open doors and unlock mysteries that will summon the dark side over. There will be many boss battles and creatures that plague the lands. There is a FEAR meter that will either help you by giving you needed adrenaline bursts, or might tip you over to become insane.

STEAMPUNK EDITION: In this edition, the game concentrates on Guilds (you will build a guild among players and/or characters in the beginning of the game). There’s a slight Euro feel in managing resources within your guild as different characters bring in different skills that will help you forge new weapons, technologies, or harness powerful arcane magic. During the game, there will be different classes that clash while the Spyder Organization tries to control the government, The Arcane tries to destroy technology in place of magic, and a rise of a mysterious character threatening to destroy everything.

ZOMBIE EDITION: This is a pure survival game. You’ll be too busy trying to run, scavenge, find allies quickly to worry about betrayal and strategic power plays. Familiar locations and characters from Battle Royale can be cleansed or infected as your goal is to find a universal cure or get the heck out before being swarmed by walking death. This edition has a lot of synergy with Battle Royale though works well either way.

And of course, we’ll be getting into more details of each edition as we start fulfilling Battle Royale. As I mentioned before, the next main goal is to re-introduce Super Fairytale Fighters 2 to you all so you can see the updated rules and learn how to play. That will be in the next update!


If you are not interested in more news or information of the Sacred 40 Miniatures, please do not read any further. The following are images of painted minis from the Sacred 40 that was waiting for us upon our return from GAMA. I just wanted to share them with you because our talented artist did an awesome job once again 🙂


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