A Quick Update…. plus exciting news!

Hi Everyone! Getting back from a very successful trip to GAMA, we have exciting news for you.

First off, for this campaign specifically, we’re still in the tooling phase for the last 3 box sets. We’re hitting a very busy time for production overseas so things are a bit backed up at the manufacture. Things should clear up in the pipeline over there soon, letting us give you updates of the last group of manufacture proofs when they come in. Following, we’ll get an official notice as to how long the minis will need for production. We’re looking forward to a Fall Fulfillment for these minis and more.

For the literature content, J.L.Clark is working hard on the Storybook as well as helping us supervise some of our other book related add-ons.

So in the meantime, the big news of the day is that the Sacred 40 Miniatures have arrived! They are in the warehouse now, being unpacked and processed into our databases. At this moment, it’ll be less than a week (almost done!) Meanwhile, the shipping center is having us structure our database a certain way in Excel to ensure that everyone’s orders are correct. (Believe me, this part is not fun at all.) Once this info is updated, we are planning on doing a Wave 1 shipment for the Battle Royale campaign backers. We figured that since we have the Sacred40 already, we should also send any Minis Campaign backer, who pledged for the Sacred40, their copies as well 🙂

So, anyone with address updates please send them to noelia@artisticjustice.com as we will be fulfilling Wave1: The Sacred40 in about a week!

Also as a note for anyone who picked up an abandoned pledge from our Battle Royale campaign, you will be receiving the EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter Green minis. I understand that some of you would rather have the Eternal Grey ones that match the ones in the minis campaign. If you want Grey instead of Green, please e-mail your request to: fairytalegames@gmail.com with the subject line 40 SHADES OF GREY. You’ll have until April 8th to do so before we begin Fulfillment 🙂

If you are going to GENCON and would rather pick the minis up then, please let us know at the same e-mail address, but with the subject line: GENCON PICKUP (Please note that this is JUST for the Sacred 40s at this moment.)

As well, if you happen across any abandoned pledges in our online store (www.artisticjusticegames.com/shop) and grab it before April 8th, if it has the Sacred40 in it, we’ll be sending out your copy as well.

I know we keep flooding the threads about the Sacred40 minis recently, but after we begin fulfillment, rest assured we’ll be focused on the other items of this campaign again. We’re just very excited about getting items in our warehouse and at the very least, sending them out first. With so many things coming, we hope to bring more of the Fairytale Games Universe to you at a quicker pace this year.

Looking forward to the next update!

More Painted Minis from our Artist

Some sample paints that are very talented artist has done. Enjoy!


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