Sacred40 Fulfillment and SFTF2!

Hi Everyone,

Another quick update! First off, the shipping info has been completed and fulfillment will begin commencing! Looking back at this first shipping experience, I was kicking myself for not having a more streamline method of gathering database info. Between both campaign having different backer that are receiving the Sacred40, we had to also factor in PayPal pledges, abandoned pledges, refunds, grey mini replacements and address changes. It was quite a careful fine-combing but we are proud to say it’s done 🙂

So here are some photos for the pre-shipping that you might enjoy:

The Last Refund/Abandoned Pledge Question:

Now that the Sacred40 Shipping will be out of our hands, Melissa will contact the remaining backers who are expecting refunds (from requesting refunds in October 2014 and not after). As well, abandoned pledges that were picked up will be paid back to the backer who abandoned their pledge. Keep in mind, this is ONLY for pledges that have been picked up (abandoned pledges have a backer ID code in our admin system in order for us to identify whose pledge it was.) The timeline for this will be within this month. Please contact if you have any questions, keeping in mind that our Kickstarter threads is not the best place for these types of inquiries.

Super Fairytale Fighters 2: Round Two!

No knowing that the shipping list took so much time, we will now have the time to whip out some great previews of this spin-off game. In the next update, you’ll get to see the rules, gameplay video, and even possibly…. your very own PNP?!?! Ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For your patience, here’s a teaser of the type of cards that make up a deck.

As you can tell, these are from Robin Hood’s deck. In each character’s deck, there is a possible combination of Attack Moves, Defense Moves, Strategy Moves, and Event Cards. A deck consists of 50 cards with a varying number of each card, depending on a deck’s playing style.

Robin Hood is fairly quick, with a bit of unpredictability since his trick arrows are meant to confuse and offer unexpected abilities. Of course, he is one of the few characters who cannot rely on combos because of the nature of his fighting style.

Let’s learn more about him in the next update!

(As a note: Please ignore the grammar/spelling errors. We already caught them for the most part, though we’d like to see if any of you are interested in being part of our backer editing team!)

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