Battle Royale White Samples

Hi Everyone,

This is just a super quick update. For Battle Royale, we updated the box/components a few times and wanted to share with you kind of the behind the scenes look at what gets approved before the printing.

The following are what they call “White Samples”, meaning blank cards and boxes created to show the structure and placement of the box and where components go within the box. At first glance it’s a bit mundane, but what we really get out of it, is a tactile feel for the paper stock as well as to see if things fit the way they should. This version is the third trial we had shipped back and forth to us.

Each tweak has improved the design and from our last iteration, I believe it’s good to go. Since we took this photo, we’ve added a wider insert so cards will fit sleeved as well as the box material is a bit sturdier to hold all 475 cards and the character boards!

(Note: Gameboard means Character Boards)
(Note: Gameboard means Character Boards)


Because of time constraints, our next proofs will be e-proofs, then upon approval we’ll have our Hard Proofs (manufacture print proof), which is basically a final copy in our hands. I’m looking so much forward to showing those to you when they come in!

Looking forward to the next update with you all!


Sacred 40 Shipping Updated!

Hi Everyone! Although we’ve been answering questions in our comment thread, I wanted to update you here as well in regards to the shipping of the Sacred40 minis. Per our last update, we had sent everything to our shipping agency. We understood that there was a line and we were in their queue, but we did not fathom just how long we’d be in that line. Apparently, because of the port strikes causing everything to bottleneck, many companies (not just in gaming) sought out shipping companies to help them make up for lost time, giving a lot of the “big” companies a chance to cut in line.

The good news is, we just heard from our Shipping company on Tuesday and they told us that by next week, we can finally get some packages out the door. Finally. I’m really sorry for the delay but I was actually in the same position as you all, wondering what the hold up was. Needless to say, our continuous pestering may have allowed us to get ahead of some people… at least that’s what they told us.

Anyway, when you start receiving your miniatures, please let us know!


When our Sacred 40s arrived in our warehouse back during GAMMA, we had the shipping company send a specific quantity to EU, AU and CAN. From our understanding they already did this, though only 2 weeks ago. Once these cases reach their distribution centers, they will be distributed to the backers in the respective countries.


Yes we are! Per our manufacture, it will be ready by the time of GenCon. In other words, we’ll begin fulfillment of Battle Royale at that time before we get to GenCon. Those who demo Battle Royale at GenCon will be playing on the actual “hot off the presses” game!


We will be sharing the booth with our friends at Greenbrier Games. The booth number this year will be Booth#2437. We’ll have a ton of demos between both companies, including Fairytale Games: Battle Royale, Dragon Tides, and Martial Arts: The Card Game. We’re excited to see you there! This year, we’ll not only have a special raffle, but a special promo as well. Of course, for those who aren’t able to attend GenCon, you’ll also receive the same promo in one of our shipment waves as we have a “No Backer Left Behind” policy with promotional items.

This said, we have GenCon events open that you can sign up for. Go to¬†and search for Fairytale Games: Battle Royale and Dragon Tides. If the event you want is blocked out already, we’ll also have rotating demos in our booth.


A long while ago we uploaded a Beta PNP (Print and Play) version of Rumplestiltskin, our Fairytale Games version of the popular Werewolf and Mafia games… with a twist. But it occurred to me later that several of you never got a chance to check out the artwork or just didn’t see the download link previously. Here’s a sample of just some of the artwork in Rumplestiltskin and our artist’s rendition of the characters in our Fairytale Games Universe. Enjoy!