Battle Royale White Samples

Hi Everyone,

This is just a super quick update. For Battle Royale, we updated the box/components a few times and wanted to share with you kind of the behind the scenes look at what gets approved before the printing.

The following are what they call “White Samples”, meaning blank cards and boxes created to show the structure and placement of the box and where components go within the box. At first glance it’s a bit mundane, but what we really get out of it, is a tactile feel for the paper stock as well as to see if things fit the way they should. This version is the third trial we had shipped back and forth to us.

Each tweak has improved the design and from our last iteration, I believe it’s good to go. Since we took this photo, we’ve added a wider insert so cards will fit sleeved as well as the box material is a bit sturdier to hold all 475 cards and the character boards!

(Note: Gameboard means Character Boards)
(Note: Gameboard means Character Boards)


Because of time constraints, our next proofs will be e-proofs, then upon approval we’ll have our Hard Proofs (manufacture print proof), which is basically a final copy in our hands. I’m looking so much forward to showing those to you when they come in!

Looking forward to the next update with you all!

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