Our Story

Fairytale Games: Battle Royale is a universe created with heart, inspired by fairytales and folklore from around the world and pitting them against each other in a ruthless game designed by the three Queens – The Evil Queen, Queen of Hearts, and the Frost Queen.

What initially began as an idea, grew into something much more. Most of the creative influence came from the unfiltered and passionate voice of backers from the Kickstarter campaign that began this journey. Through the campaign, our Fairytale Games universe grew into four major story arcs that expands the lore we’ve created.

Unfortunately, because of our inexperience in production, fulfillment and distribution, we allowed ourselves to become completely hands-off and let others take the reigns for the future of our games and path of our company. During this time, although we were able to produce the Sacred 40 Miniatures, Fairytale Games: Battle Royale, and Fairytale Games: Rumplestiltskin, issues with shipping and fulfillment along and a poorly written rulebook turned everything into chaos. There were many other details that made the past few years increasingly worse for us and our backers, most of which were outside of our control.

No more.

This year, we intend on bringing things back on track by regaining full control over our inventory, directly handling shipping and fulfillment to get our backers their games, and head forward, developing the rest of the content we intended for our Fairytale Games universe. It will be a difficult road ahead, but we will persevere.

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