During the course of both of our Fairytale Games Kickstarter campaigns, we created a category of alternate character card variants called “Cheesecake Cards.” These are just art variants of cards that only add a visual difference to the game and does not effect gameplay.

Cheesecake Art are the sexier pieces of art that have characters with suggestive poses, less clothing, or just look sexier overall than the original cards. Be warned that some of these cards are not work or child safe. That is why during our Kickstarter campaigns, we offered them as add-ons for backers who wanted them, though not included in the original game editions or expansions.

As our artists create new Cheesecake Art, we’ll post some of them here. Currently, there are 100 Cheesecake artwork in the Strawberry Cheesecake Pack and 45 additional artwork based on Kickstarter Backers in our original Cheesecake pack.

In regards to our Backer Created Cheesecake Art, we will ONLY post cheesecake art that have been APPROVED by backers who want their artwork posted on this site. So for regular viewers, you will not have permission to see the unapproved backer likeness cheesecake art.

(Note: Backer Likeness Cheesecake Art is a lot tamer than the Non-Backer Likeness art!)

DISCLAIMER: 18+ and Mature Audiences to view these galleries. Anyone who isn’t is doing so at your own risk šŸ˜›




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