Fairytale Games is a universe of lush lore, fantasy, adventure, and a tapestry of interwoven storylines. To tell its tale, we’ve broken each volume into separate standalone games, expansions, and more.

Fairytale Games: Battle Royale 

The Dark Queen (otherwise known as the Evil Queen), the Queen of Hearts, and the Snow Queen – three of the most powerful queens of all realms join forces with the common goal of wiping out the population completely in order to start anew and create a utopia with no poverty. Needing to find an obedient champion, they take heroes and villains across different realms and pit them against each other in a game of death where uneasy alliances, betrayal and cunning will determine the sole victor.

Fairytale Games: Legends of Time 

Following the tales of Kitsune’s obsession with finding the “Water of Life” and Prince Dakkar’s ability to jump in time, this storyline takes legendary world heroes from history and throws them into an epic adventure across time.

Fairytale Games: Tapestries

With the timeline shattered, heroes and villains alike cross pass with curious strangers from other realms, fulfilling prophecies that should not have come to be. Will the ripple effect be too much for the inhabitants of the Fairytale Realm to bare? Or will they put down their differences in order to stabilize the time stream before it spirals out of control?

Fairytale Games: Pandora

After the conclusion of Battle Royale, The Dark Ones in an attempt to summon and control a forbidden power, accidentally bring forth the Jabberwock and unlock the horrors of Pandora. Fairytale Games: Pandora is a gothic, victorian fantasy that pits a group of unlikely heroes and mercenaries against murderers, ghosts, demons, vampires, werewolves, and monsters that infest the realm.

Fairytale Games: City of Gold

Years after the finale of Pandora, King Midas, with the help of Belle and John Henry Steel unite the lands and create a utopia using the scientific advancements of steam and the power of arcane magic. Unfortunately, peace wouldn’t last long as Kitsune hunts down The Dwarven, protectors of the “Water of Life” and takes the power for her own. With this newfound power, she looks to destroy the Kingdom of Midas and enslave and conquer all those that oppose her.

Fairytale Games: The Poison Apple

A fatal disease spreads among the realms infecting many of the inhabitants. When a possible cure goes awry, reanimating the dead, friends and foes who tragically fell in past story arcs come back with a hunger for blood and brains. Some search for an actual cure while others use this opportunity to take what they need to survive, even if its a soul or two in the process.

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