Advanced Movement

If you are playing in Advanced mode versus Easy Mode, rather than rolling dice for movement, you will be using the MVM (movement) value on top of your player boards. Each character will have a different movement value which may change over the course of play.

If you equip items, they might give you great benefits, but also add some dead weight to your character, making your party move slower. Here’s an example:


If you notice, by equipping the Jade Sword, no matter if you are Mulan or not, you will get a -1 Movement total. So let’s say Red equips this on her Player Board…


Seeing how Red’s movement total is originally 5, equipping the Jade Sword makes Red only able to move 4 spaces per turn. Now don’t worry… there are actions, items, abilities, events and faction bonuses that will alter this. For example, what if Red equips this as well?

Item: Many League Boots

Item: Many League Boots

By doing this, you will gain 2 movement, bringing Red to 6 MVM value. Since you can equip two items on your character, this might be a smart move, depending on your situation and needs.


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