Fairytale Games: Battle Royale

The Dark Queen (also known as the Evil Queen), the Queen of Hearts, and the Snow Queen—three of the most powerful queens in all the realms—join forces to bring to fruition their common goal: to eradicate the population and recreate the Fairytale Universe as a utopia with no poverty, disease, or villainy.

To prevent history from repeating itself, they agree to select a champion to lead the new civilization and guide the masses onto the right path based on knowledge from the previous universe. This champion must be a proven survivor and have the traits of a great leader: dominant will, unyielding strength, magical aptitude, keen intellect, and charming persuasion. To identify their champion, the Queens have abducted all the Heroes and Villains from their everyday lives and forced them to take part in a fierce competition to see who emerges as the lone survivor of the Battle Royale. Will it be you?

Fairytale Games: Battle Royale is a 1-10 player card game that plays like a board game. A normal game lasts between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on the number of players and everyone’s play style. Will you forge ahead alone, seeking glory and victory as the sole survivor? Will you align yourself with others and team up to take on the monsters and characters roaming the Fairytale Realms? Will you backstab your allies to reap the rewards for yourself?

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