Fairytale Games: Pandora

Fairy Games: Pandora

With the 3 Queens defeated, the Fairytale Games Universe tries to rebuild after a devastating and epic battle. Meanwhile, through a desperate deal to bring back a loved one from beyond the grave, Mother Goose joins the Dark Ones in trying to raise the horrifying Black Wyrm in attempts to control its power. Unfortunately through a couple of miscalculations, they bring forth Jabberwock as well as demons, vampires, werewolves, and spirits that corrupt and change our fairytale inhabitants into fearless slayers or even darker passengers.

While terror runs amok, a competitive battle of deduction between Sherlock Holmes and Ichabod Crane ends up revealing that something gravely sinister lurks from behind the shadows.

Fairytale Games: Pandora is a 1-4 player co-operative, standalone board game. Gameplay is dynamically story-driven and divided into at least three chapters and one boss battle. Each chapter runs about 30-45 minutes and though you will experience a full campaign by playing through the entire game in one sitting, you can also scale the game down to fewer chapters for a quicker game.

Game Mode Variations:

  • Solo Mode
  • Darkness Mode (1 vs Many)

Game Contains the Following:

  • 20 Character / Ally Cards
  • 100 Signature Move Cards
  • 5 Profession Cards
  • 50 Profession Technique Cards
  • 160 Class Cards
  • 25 Minion Cards
  • 100 Boss Cards
  • 60 Final Boss Decks
  • 10 Basic Boss Moves
  • 30 Item Cards
  • 27 Event Cards
  • 8 Boss Event Cards
  • 3 NPC Cards
  • 4 Character Dashboards
  • 1 Tapestry Board
  • 4 Double-Sided Terrain Tiles
  • 6 Double-Sided Landmark Tiles
  • 5 Reaction Dice
  • Tokens
  • Rulebook

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