Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition

Fairy Games: Zombie Edition

After the fall of the Steam Powered society, a grand battle against Kitsune caused her to release her overpower into an arcane crystal upon her defeat. Mother Goose stole the crystal and used its power to resurrect who she thought were her children. Not quite understanding the source of the Water of Life and the Dark Arts, she created a “cursed” homunculi that carried a vile pestilence within its DNA. Being the first infected, Mother Goose and her zombie children started a wave of disease, infecting the Fairytale Games Universe one person at a time. After a year of rampant growth, zombies defiled the land with only a few survivors who lay hidden and waiting, hoping to find a cure to save all their turned love ones.

Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition is a 1-10 player dice-based board game that uses cards as the board (for land exploration). Movement is with a 6-sided die. When you begin the game, you and other players start at the same location and begin revealing locations/terrain as you roll your die. Some locations offer opportunities to start quests to gain survival items or allow you to explore more lands and gain better abilities. All the while Events are happening that might help or hinder you greatly. There are 30+ character cards that you can play as or fight against in this game. Other cards include Action Cards, Event Cards, Location Cards, Quest Cards and Item Cards. A normal game duration is about 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the number of players.

The goal of the game is to stay alive, unlock the mystery of the Water of Life in order to find a cure for the zombie curse, and slay any zombie that gets in the way. In Zombie Edition, time is running out, as you have to decide to take the burden of cleansing the entire land, or just cure your friends and family while killing everything else in sight.

New Gameplay Mechanics introduced are:

  • Patchwork
  • Infection
  • Butcher
  • Cleansing
  • Salvaging
  • Pestilence

As well, you can mirror Battle Royale edition and have the Ultimate Fairytale Games Universe Zombie Survival experience!

Game Contains the Following:

  • Player Boards (x30)
  • Stackable Player Tokens (x30)
  • Character Cards (x30)
  • Tactic Cards (x150)
  • Battle Cards (x50)
  • Event Cards (x60)
  • Action Cards (x30)
  • Quest Cards (x60)
  • Item Cards (x30)
  • Location Cards (x50)
  • Boss Cards (x5)
  • Common Enemy Cards (x10)
  • Dice (x2)
  • Resource Pieces

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