Movement happens during the Questing part of Fairytale Games. This part of the game resembles exploration of new areas of a map.


When you begin the game, the first player (The “Sundial”) will remove the first card off of the Location deck and put it in the middle of the playing area. This card is to stay face down and you will never be able to see what this card is. All players will start on that location.


The first player will then begin their turn by rolling one 6-sided die. Let’s say for example, it rolled as a 3. From here, the player can move up to 3 spaces adjacent to the card that they are currently on, in this case, the starting area. You do not have to move the full 3 spaces and you can backtrack to any space available, it’s up to you.


When you move, you will remove a card from the Location deck and place it face up in the direction you’d like to move. Every space you move towards, you will reveal another location card. You do not have to move the full amount of spaces if you want to stay at a certain location.




You might ask why you wouldn’t want to move the full spaces? As you reveal more locations, you will see that some will offer you trait bonuses, quests, or maybe even a spontaneous battle that prevents you from moving forward.

Here is an example of a Location Card:



If you land on a location card and choose to “use” the bonus on the card. If you do, flip over the card. This indicates that the bonus is no longer attainable by you or other players.


Even after the Location Deck has been depleted,  you can move around the revealed locations as they are now part of the overall map. During the game, some locations can be destroyed, changed, or even brought back to its original state. So keep this in mind as you place your locations, just to avoid getting trapped by other players!


2 comments on “Movement

    • Great question! You can still land on that location or pass over it. You just cannot access it. For example if there was a reward, a new quest that would open up, or a quest that would complete on that locked or un-enterable location, you cannot access yet.

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