Player Boards

Every character in the game will have their respective player boards. These boards are what players will use to determine their primary character’s attacks, defense, super moves, weaknesses and more! Let’s break it down for you to see.


On the top, you’ll recognize the name of the character you’re using as your primary. Below, you will see six boxed areas for you to place your resource gems; Intelligence, Strength, Willpower, Magic, Persuasion, and Reputation. During the game, you will spend, gain, or have these resource points taken away from you.

Health Bubble: This is how much damage your character will take before they die.

MVM Bubble: When playing ADVANCED mode, instead of using dice roll to determine your movement each turn, every character will have their own set movement based on the balance of their stats. To keep things interesting, your movement total can go up or down depending on things you equip, action cards, events or abilities. You can find out more about advanced movement in the gameplay section (coming soon!)

FCT Bubble: This is what faction you belong in. In this example, Red belongs in the Mercenary Faction.

Weak Bubble: This is what your character is weak against. In this example, it’s fire. If Red is hit with a fire attack, she will take an additional damage, sometimes even based on a dice roll.

ELMT Bubble: This shows you if your character has a elemental strength (Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Lightning, Wind, Curse, Holy, Poison, Wood, Metal). If not, you will see an “X”.

Under this area, you will see a section that will display your Attack and Defense moves. These will be different for each character. In EASY BATTLE MODE, you will be rolling dice to determine both. Whatever comes up in the roll, you’ll refer to this section. In ADVANCED BATTLE MODE you will have cards that give you a choice between two Attack moves or two Defense moves which you can strategically play. Check out the different battle modes in our gameplay section for more information.

If you notice in the above sample, there are different effects that might occur if an attack is successful. Here’s what they mean:

  • Pierce: Your attack ignores any armor or defense
  • Bleed: You will do additional damage determined by a dice roll
  • Dizzy: Your opponent will discard a card at random from their hand
  • Poison: Your opponent gets a Poison Counter
  • Stun: Your opponent cannot attack or play a super move
  • Break: You will cause an opponent’s equipped item to break and be discarded

In ADVANCED BATTLE MODE you can access your character’s personal Super Moves. This is made up of usually two moves, Special Attacks (the first one) and a Desperation Moves (the second one). The Special Attack can be played at any time you play the respective card from the Battle Deck. It usually takes a certain number of trait points to execute and can be blocked. The Desperation Move on the other hand has to meet a specific criteria to execute and usually comes with a punishment if you fail. It also requires the usage of trait points.

On the bottom area, you will notice the ITEM SLOT section. Each character can normally only equip 2 items. You can switch equipped items, use or have them destroyed. If your weapon, armor, or item is not equipped during battle mode, you cannot change them up from cards in your hand until after the battle is over. Some character can equip an extra item. In that case, just stack another card on top.

Multiple Characters:

If a character joins you in your party, leave your primary character on top and slide the other characters to the right of your Player Board like so.


(Note: The character board used in these examples are not final though for the most part it will be very close. The map used on the bottom background will be an actual Fairytale Games: Battle Royale map!)


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