The Game Setup



The Dark Queen (otherwise known as the Evil Queen), the Queen of Hearts, and the Snow Queen; 3 of the most powerful queens in all the realms join forces with the common goal of wiping the population of all lands, in order to start anew and create a utopia with no poverty, crime, or sickness all designed through their vision, and their total control.

To prevent history from repeating itself, they agree to select a champion to lead the new civilization and firmly guide them based on knowledge from the past world. This champion must have a strong will, intelligence, be completely adaptable and is a survivor. Thus the Queens banished all the Heroes and Villains within their lands and put them into a fierce competition to see who will survive the Fairytale Games.

CONTENTS: (Not including Kickstarter Exclusives)

  • Player Boards (x30)
  • Stackable Player Tokens (x30)
  • Character Cards (x30)
  • Tactic Cards (x150)
  • Battle Cards (x50)
  • Event Cards (x60)
  • Action Cards (x30)
  • Quest Cards (x60)
  • Item Cards (x30)
  • Location Cards (x50)
  • Boss Cards (x5)
  • Common Enemy Cards (x10)
  • Dice (x2)
  • Resource Pieces

Setting up the Game:

Before you begin, you and each player will select a character to play as and take that Character Card, Player Token  as well as the corresponding Player Board. Following, take the other cards, shuffle them into their respective decks and create 5 deck piles beside the main game area (note: game area is the huge space in front of everyone used for playing the game.) These deck piles include:

  • Bonus Deck
  • Quest Deck
  • Event Deck (Note: there are 60 event cards. Shuffle them and only create a 30 card Event Deck for play)
  • Location Deck
  • Battle Deck

Next, choose who goes first by rolling a die or whatever you feel works best. That person is considered the person who “Opens The Round”. This means, when it is this person’s turn again, one round is completed and one official day in the land of Fairytale Games has passed. (More on this when talking about Event Cards.)

After deciding who goes first, that person takes the top card off the location card and puts it in the middle of the game area FACE DOWN. That land will never be revealed as it is the starting point for all player in the game. All players put their tokens on that space (if there are 10 players and there isn’t enough room, you can just acknowledge that’s where you’ll start and place your player token on the board when it’s your turn.

Before anyone moves, everyone takes one bonus card and puts it into your hand. With a movement die at your disposal and resource gems in reach for everyone to use, you are ready to begin playing!

(Note: Depending on whether you’re playing as Easy Battle Mode or Advanced Battle Mode, you might want to have some paper and something to write with in front of you to keep track of health points for you and your allies.)


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