Win/Lose Conditions

There are so many ways to play Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale. But to really “win” the game, you’ll have to either:

  1. Kill 10 Characters
  2. Defeat the Trinity


These can be other players or characters you run into in the game (with the exception of Non-Playable Characters or NPCs.) This creates a bit of a unique dynamic because you might have to save certain characters to prevent other players from getting their death point quota met. You will have to decide which characters you want to have join your party or which players have the best characters you want to ally yourself with to best adapt to the possible carnage or questing going on. Bosses and their minions do not award you with any death points. To Kill Characters, you will either have to battle them to the death or trap them with the use of Action/Item Cards or Abilities in combination with Event Cards that have very negative effects on everyone.


In Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale there are 3 ways to defeat the Trinity so far. Though you can’t find out the exact steps here (gotta save something for a surprise), you will be able to figure it out eventually through gameplay. The ways to defeat the Trinity rely on aligning yourself with other players (or if you’re playing solo, by carefully selecting your allies for certain scenarios). Reason being, there will be a lot of questing and big Boss Battles against them that you will definitely need some kind of help in order to succeed. Since drawing cards are random and are based on luck, you may not even encounter the ways to defeat the Trinity during your game sitting. Still there may be abilities or cards that let you search for certain cards that may let you start your journey to defeat the Trinity a lot easier. But beware, you may have an ally that begins the quests with you, but in the end because it’s all about the “win”, you might get a big knife in your back.


On great thing about dying is that you’re not completely out. Instead, whomever killed you gets a death point towards their quota and you get to choose another character and start from the main starting point.  Depending on how the game goes, you will have many chances to make up for dying. But, if someone gets their 10 death points first, then they  win.

The second way you lose, is actually when everyone loses. This is when the 30th Event card is revealed and the “Sundial” completes their full turn. If no one meets their death point quota nor are the Trinity defeated, the game is over and the Queens activate all the neck collars, killing all “players” in the Fairytale Games. Not exactly the best end scenario. So play to win!


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