Ramping up for the next week!

Hi Everyone,

Today, we have an informative update for you! As you know, we’ve kind of hidden back into the background lately. The good news is because we’ve been extremely busy with production. Going into this campaign we set out to produce one core game, Rumplestiltskin, and a Battle Set of Super Fairytale Fighters 2. Through the growth of the campaign, we were able to expand the Fairytale Games Universe with you all with the addition of 3 additional core sets, 2 expansion sets, cheesecake/teaser packs and tons of extra card content (not to mention 40 beautiful minis). To be honest, we’ve been learning a lot from this experience and campaign, valuable lessons that will now be solid checklist items for future campaigns.

Box art, for example have different layout specs, measurements, and requirements that differ between manufacturers. As well, you need to be sure to add important, yet little details, such as “this is not a toy and may be a choking hazard”, production code numbers, age specs, and manufacture stamps all over the box. When you send it out for approval, it usually takes a few days for them to get back to you. When you hear back from them and if they come back with changes or spot things you forget, you need to bounce back and forth with them until they approve. Because if they tool/setup their press to manufacture your boxes and you catch a mistake on the manufacture proof, it will take 3 weeks for them to make the change and send you another proof! That, we didn’t know.

Rulebooks are a completely different monster all together. So initially, we thought that a rulebook similar to our website gameplay section would suffice. That went completely out the door when we had a veteran in the industry rip it apart. What we had a hard time grasping was that we assumed everyone would automatically understand certain gameplay terminology. We had to break away from knowing anything about our game and come from the perspective of not just never having played Fairytale Games: Battle Royale, but any game in general. This was extremely difficult since revisions upon revisions have been mostly about keywords and standard mechanics we didn’t know could be a question. Things like “discarding” a card cannot be left like that. We have to specifically include a key that explains that discarding means to remove a card from your hand or in play and placing it into the “discard area” next to the respective deck the card came from (such as the Bonus Deck, Location Deck, Event Deck, etc…). Yet, we had to make sure the rules weren’t bogged down with technicalities and too complex of a layout that it would look as boring as a “build your home furniture” instruction sheet.

There were many other things we learned through this, but we’ve enjoyed the experience so far, though the revisions have been eating up all of our time to make things as perfect as they can be.

I Heard Something About Videos in the Comments

Yes! This past week, we filmed the majority of the gameplay video for Battle Royale. There’s a few more scenes we need to film this weekend and it’ll be time to edit (finally.) One of our backers suggested filming an updated video for Super Fairytale Fighters 2. I think that would be an awesome idea that we can to while filming the final footage of the main game. Once edited, I’ll post them here and give an overview about what you’ve just watched. We hope to have the rulebook released around the same time for you to download via PDF in order to use as a supplemental reference when watching the videos.


With GenCon looming ahead and deadlines quickly happening, we are going to release the demo kits this month along with the full Fariytale Games: Battle Royale PNPs for those who purchased them. That way, everyone can have a chance to learn to play in some way, shape or form. As well, if you are attending GenCon in August, we have Battle Royale gaming events you can register for at www.gencon.com. Our team will also be there around and about at our booth and after events to show you demos of our games and more importantly, to finally get a chance to officially introduce ourselves to you. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

GenCon 2014

We will be at Booth#1556 alongside with Greenbrier Games. We’ll be there attending the full duration of the event and as mentioned, will be hosting game events and demos of our games. A few of you have asked if we will have promos there for the event. We will not disappoint! This past month, we already had them created and are in production now. What are they exactly? That part’s a secret 😉

Progress Report

Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Fairytale Expansion Set: 125 Unique Art (125 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Legends of Time: 125 Unique Art (125 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Promo Cards/Kickstarter Exclusives: 10 Unique Art (10 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Teaser Pack: 48 Unique Art (45 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Rumplestiltskin!: 23 Unique Art = COMPLETE

Fairytale Games: Horror Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 280 Illustrations completed

Fairytale Games: Steampunk Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 290 Illustrations completed

Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 270 Illustrations complete

Cheesecake Pack (The Backer Version): 100 Unique Art (100 Cards Total) = 80 Illustrations complete

Tarot Cards: 78 Unique Art (78 Cards Total) = 66 Illustrations complete

Super Fairytale Fighters 2:

  • Snow vs Red (100% Complete)
  •  Thumbling vs Tinker Bell (100% Complete)
  •  John Henry Steel vs Iron John (100% Complete)
  •  Hansel and Gretel vs Gingerbread Man (100% Complete)
  •  Little Mermaid vs Belle (Little Mermaid 50% / Belle 50%)

Sacred 40 Miniatures: We are waiting for the manufacture proofs to come in. Based on the tracking info, it’s sitting in a warehouse a few states over. Probably by Wednesday, we’ll have them in and will start taking photos to show you right away.


  • Battle Royale – 90%
  • Horror Edition – 50%
  • Steampunk Edition – 30%
  • Zombie Edition – 60%
  • Super Fairytale Fighters 2 – 95%
  • Rumplestiltskin – 100%

Boxart Layouts:

  • Battle Royale – 100%
  • Horror Edition – 100%
  • Steampunk Edition – 80%
  • Zombie Edition – 50%
  • Fairytale Games Expansion – 100%
  • Legends of Time Expansion – 0%
  • Tarot Deck – 0%
  • Super Fairytale Fighters 2 – 80%
  • Rumplestiltskin – 100%
  • Sacred 40 Miniatures – 100%

So among the progress report, we looked back at all the cards that have been through revisions. Fun fact, is that there are a total of 113 card illustrations that were not used! That is crazy… but pretty hilarious at the same time. As mentioned in a previous update, there were just instances that certain artists weren’t comfortable illustrating. We had this really awesome artist take on a cheesecake male illustration. Because he was very embarrassed about it (and didn’t tell us), he went through 4 iterations before requesting to change the piece. LOL. My favorite example (and coincidentally one of my favorite pieces) was a misunderstanding of wording.

We had asked for a scene of a lot of dead ninjas in front of a field with snow on top. Our intentions was to use this as a location card of sorts. When we received it, there was Snow White on top of a pile of dead ninjas in a field. I laughed harder than I should have, but in retrospect, it wasn’t incorrect either!

What’s the delivery date? Has it changed?

Next week, we’ll be having an official meeting with our manufacture to see how things are going to be coming along. We have a lot of questions that we have as well as questions from you all that we will ask in our meeting. We have a few items from different manufactures that we need to figure out the schedule for the logistics of when they will be delivered to one location, how they will be assembled, and when and how they will be shipped. There’s also the factor of GenCon and what the schedule will look like, if we can have any product there or not. I don’t want to give you a guesstimate without having had some concrete answers. So expect an update about delivery specifically next week.

Other Media!

So we’ve unofficially launched our new website at www.artisticjusticegames.com. It’s kind of our “soft-opening” as there are a lot of features and information missing from it (as well as some bugs). But for the most part, this website will be the central hub for every project and game we create. The news on the front (after we do our next website update) will have all our kickstarter thread updates so you can follow along in one place. In the next few months, you’ll see the information grow as well as it will become a lot more user friendly. You can register on the site to get the latest news from our posts as well as be able to utilize our online forums. At the moment, we only have a Fairytale Games forum but we are able to create individual forums for each of our game as well. So check it out, but please be aware it’s definitely a work in progress 🙂

As well, we have started our Twitter at www.twitter.com/artjusticegames. Follow us there and get the latest news or hear me rant about things in the near future.

Coming up next!

By tomorrow, we’ll be getting back to our regularly scheduled program and will do an update on the gameplay mechanics and card highlights of the Fairytale Games: Horror Edition. Following, we’ll cover Steampunk Edition, Super Fairytale Fighters 2, and some important gameplay items for Battle Royale such as combat.

BattleCon War Remastered: Last Hours!!!

If you haven’t heard, our good friends at Level 99 Games have an awesome Kickstarter campaign up right now. As I write this, they’re on the final 24 hours! Please, don’t miss your chance to check out this innovative and solid card game, especially with all the stretch goals currently unlocked and a lot of free swag!

BattleCON is a head-to-head dueling card game that captures the style of fighting video games like Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Mortal Kombat, or BlazBlue–the only differences are that it plays on your kitchen table and you don’t have to spend hours memorizing button combinations to become a competitive fighter.

The new BattleCON Kickstarter brings together the original favorite fighters, a set of brand new heroes, and an all-star cast of promotional fighters from games like UFS, Mage Wars, and Summoner Wars–it even includes Bruce Lee (Hmmm… foreshadowing)! Get it here on Kickstarter, there are just a few hours left!


We interrupt our update with…. a followup update!

Hi Everyone,

First off, this is not the regularly scheduled update. Oddly enough, this is a follow-up to the last on in regards to the Sacred 40 minis. So if you are not interested in the minis, please disregard this update and look for tomorrow’s card related one.

As mentioned in our previous update, the masters were sent to our manufacture for casting/moulding. We asked them to take photos for us when they arrived so we could see that everything was laid out correctly and organized per box in their correct set name. This said, we received them! And instead of sitting on them for one gigantic update, I’m sending this update just after opening the e-mail. (Ironically, notice the date of when they actually took the photo… /facepalm).

The Wild Ones

(Note: Cheshire Cat hadn’t made it to them yet so that is why it’s missing from this lineup. Wild Ones will indeed have a total of 6 miniatures.)

The Horror Show

The Dark Ones

The Fugitives

The Children of Magic

The Mercenaries

And One More Photo…

A while back, we posted a photo lineup of Cinderella next to a few other characters (from Wiz Wars and Zpocalypse. I didn’t realize, but we had one more photo in our e-mails that have Cinderella and Iron John next to the same characters plus a Zombicide character. Though I’m hoping it will be useful to you, it still might not give you enough information about size ratios. But at the very least, it’s something cool to look at 🙂

(From Left to Right: Zpocalypse, Zombicide, Wiz War, Zpocalypse, Cinderella (FTG), Iron John (FTG), Zombicide)

Progress Report Update!

Hi Everyone,

Here’s another quick update in preparation for this coming week’s “Day to day, play by play.” This update is more of the essentials, starting with the Progress Report!


Currently, here’s where we are at on total artwork

Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Fairytale Games: Horror Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 278 Illustrations completed

Fairytale Games: Steampunk Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 266 Illustrations completed

Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 260 Illustrations complete

Fairytale Expansion Set: 125 Unique Art (125 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Legends of Time: 125 Unique Art (125 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Promo Cards/Kickstarter Exclusives: 10 Unique Art (10 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Teaser Pack: 48 Unique Art (45 Cards Total) = COMPLETE

Cheesecake Pack (The Backer Version): 100 Unique Art (100 Cards Total) = 70 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: March 31st)

Tarot Cards: 78 Unique Art (78 Cards Total) = 60 Illustrations complete

Rumplestiltskin!: 23 Unique Art = COMPLETE

Super Fairytale Fighters 2:

  • Snow vs Red (100% Complete) 
  • Thumbling vs Tinker Bell (Thumbling is at 80% / Tinker Bell is at 80%)
  • John Henry Steel vs Iron John (100% Complete) 
  • Hansel and Gretel vs Gingerbread Man (100% Complete) 
  • Little Mermaid vs Belle (Little Mermaid 50% / Belle 50%)

 Sacred 40 Miniatures: Currently Sent to Manufacture for first line of proofs (in 3 weeks per their current schedule) then mass production.

As you can see, we are behind schedule with some of our artists. As mentioned in the previous update, we’ve had problems with some of our artists keeping a steady pace and have since commissioned more artists to join our team to fulfill the gaps. We are moving forward as quickly as possible, still ensuring the artwork is of top quality per our standards.

In retrospect, I’m very happy and fortunate to have such a strong team of artists. Though there are so many of them, when you think about it (people ask me why we need 70 artists), for 3,000 pieces of artwork we would actually need a consistent pace of about 8-9 complete illustrations a day, for every day for 1 year. At varying speeds of production and managing such a large group of different talents, this has been quite and ambitious and exciting experience for myself and the team. The excitement of getting new artwork in when you start the day is truly awesome. After the dust settles and shipping begins, we should do some highlights on the process of how art is created for our games, from the idea to the final submission as well as some of the funnier hijinks and shenanigans that have happened thus far.

As of right now, it’s June 1st. We are set to have a drop dead, deadline of all the artwork by the end of this month to begin production (or our manufacture rep will kill us… well, me actually). Fortunately, our manufacturer will take our files as we release them so they will not have to wait for everything in bulk before printing. This makes things easier for us and more efficient per scheduling production. We are already starting to prep what is currently completed to the printers and are working on Box Art and the Rulebook.


This has been a bear but we are trying to get it as user friendly as possible, yet making sure there are no definitions or terms that get overlooked. We are also gathering a team of volunteer backers to help us with proofreading cards and rulebooks so that things are well organized and easily understood. Once this is ready, we’ll post the PDF of it up for you all to view, starting with Battle Royale.

Much later in the year, we will also enlist in some translators to take our games to an international level. We’re working out the details now but I’ll keep you posted as to what languages will be available and when it’ll happen.


LOL…. the realization that we have so many products now, hit us when we counted the number of box art layouts we have to do. Here’s a sample of our Sacred 40’s box for the “Children of Magic” set. (Note: for graphic designers out there, this was the sample photoshop mockup and not the InDesign one we’re sending to print… Don’t worry! LOL)


This is a tough one. Since we are honestly running behind art schedule, our manufacturer is waiting on us. But because they realize things are time sensitive, they will be trying their best not to stall on their end for any reason. If there is no hitch and we can send everything out this month, we will receive product by the end of next month and begin shipping in August. If there are no shipping delays from the manufacturer to our warehouse, we are considering to take bundles with us to GenCon for any backers attending to pick up. Of course, this depends on when we receive the items so I don’t want to promise this until we’re at the point of shipping from production to us. Still, if this does happen, we will have a list for you to sign if you are attending to help us see how many copies we’ll need to bring.

I am also thinking about dividing shipping to get certain items to you quicker. I’m not 100% sure about this yet. But, once I receive all the artwork, I would like to ship the Artbooks out first since we have a separate distributor/manufacturer for this. I’ll keep you posted on the call for this one as well.


Yes! We will be there and are looking forward to meeting you if you’re attending as well! This year, we are at Booth#1556, sharing a booth with Greenbrier Games. Because we are sharing, you will not see Artistic Justice Games in the GenCon directory, though you might see our logo here and there and on promotional items at the convention.

We will have events for Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale so check out GenCon’s website for Events if you’re interested in playing “teaching games” with us. Each of our events will be every other hour and a max of 5 players, that will run up to an hour. We understand that there is a chance that game tables might free up where we can allow for extended demos or a chance to play with you with our other games. Depending on the availability, we will accept general event tickets for these extended games. I’ll keep you in the loop as well as when you’re there, you can visit our booth and we’ll make sure you’re in the know!


Yes, absolutely! But, it might not be what you’d expect. We have a lot of ideas that we’re working with right now, but we do want to have the chance to make your acquaintance with an awesome first impression 🙂

A Very Necessary and Late Update

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a month and 2 weeks since our last update and I think before we bring on any game news, I need to answer the first topic…

Where the !#$%!@ have you been?

This was actually an inbox message and rightfully so. Sadly, there were a few things that caused our loss of focus in communication, which has not been fair to you.

One of the biggest obstacles we had to deal with, was a death of one of our artists. It was a sad time that went even further down south as legally, we were not allowed to use any of that artist’s work without the approval of their spouse because he had left all of his art pieces to his immediate family in the chance that he would pass on. The artwork he completed was not considered “complete” artwork since he was unable to sign the completion contract we give to our artists in his Country. Though there were never any negative intentions on their part, we basically were not able to get a hold of his family. If we could not get her approval and sign an agreement that his work was deemed complete, we would lose those illustrations. Right before the Memorial Day Weekend, we were able to reach them as they were out of their Country. So in that aspect, we have lost a great artist, but we can still appreciate his artwork through our games. Plus, for the first few months after our games hit retail, we will be giving a small portion of profit to them as a way to show thanks and respect from Artistic Justice Games and the Fairytale Games backers to his family.

The next big hit was that of my own relative, who had passed at the age of 103. This was a personally trying situation for me and put me in rut, especially coinciding with our artist’s passing. I really cared deeply for him though he led a very full life. Though not an excuse, both instances weighed very heavily on my shoulders and I think for the later, acceptance was the worst part.

And to top everything else off, we’ve been having a very interesting thing happening to us since January. Though we haven’t mentioned it, we’ve been monitoring our art team as we suddenly hit a slump with new artwork coming in. Some of our artists were taking a strangely longer time to complete an illustration. We thought it was the holidays and whatnot, but it turns out that our enthusiasm to help promote our artists and the beautiful job they’ve been doing during our first campaign, ended up kicking us in the bud. We were sad to discover that a few game companies decided to help themselves to our artist pool by getting their names from our website and offering them financial or other reasons to jump ship, midway during their contract. Though they did not completely disappear, they were taking a very long time with our illustrations so that they could facilitate their new commissions. We found this out by viewing some of our artists’ portfolios and realizing which companies had begun sharing our artists. I can’t say that there’s anything legally or even ethically wrong with it (though it upsets our team greatly since we put a great deal of trust and respect out there), but because of this, we’ve had to find and enlist new artists to join us to make up for any delays this has caused. Though we’ve since fixed and continue to monitor this issue, this is something that had also pulled me personally away from continuing to grow our communication with you.

And above all, I sincerely apologize for this lack of communication. But, after this past Memorial Day weekend, I’ve found a lot of inspiration and motivation to move forward aggressively to get you and this project where it needs to be.

On the plus side, I’ve been away for a week during the last week of last month on something that we will announce and talk about in depth later. This is something that we all want to share with you 🙂

Update Schedule… Pronto!

Ok, since it’s been quite a while since the last update, I will be updating you all the next few days and weeks to cover various things such as:

  • Project Progress Report Update
  • Card Game Edition Introductions (like what we did for the Zombie Edition Update)
  • Gameplay Video Update
  • Demo Kit Update
  • Rulebook PDF Update

I know I’ve been having a difficult time sticking to schedule, but we as a team are determined to do so moving forward, especially since we have a lot of trust to regain. During our campaign, it meant so much to us to have you all be a part of the Fairytale Games Universe. I do not want to destroy that which we all created with our sweat and tears before you even receive your games.

So what’s going on with the Sacred 40 minis?

For those who have no interest in the minis Lion Tier and up will be receiving, please skip over this paragraph. For those who really want to know more, we have sent our master casts to the manufacture where they will be moulded, master casted and produced. We are expected to receive our production proofs (the closest we’ll get to the final product) in about a month or less. THAT is very exciting. We took a few photos of these early casts and posted them on the Minis Campaign update but there were many of you in this campaign who got wind of it and wanted to see them as well. I’ll do you one better and show you a long winded video (Note, the beginning are the cheapo 3d prints we did for size ratio. Also, the video doesn’t show the complete 40 since we only had a chance to video a small portion of them before sending them out):

Communication 101: Supplementation

So to help us with better communicating with you all, we are consolidating our websites into the main Artistic Justice Games website. What this will do is give you one permanent website to see and hear about every project we are working on and news beyond the kickstarter threads. This will be your core location to find out more information instead of having things scattered like it is now. Plus, the contact form on the new website will be the be all end all for communication. Meaning, that will be the FIRST place that you will want to contact us through, outside of Kickstarter as we will be monitoring those messages closely. We are scheduled to launch our Beta version of the new website by the end of this weekend. Wait for it! Believe me, in the longrun it will be an awesome change for all of us as a family.


One last thing for this quick update… we have been working hard to get our message replies back on track. Some of you have been contacted by Noelia or Belle. Moving forward, I will also be involved though I will sign any message to you by Alexander instead of Alex. The main reason is there has been a very big confusion with backers being contacted by our other teammate, Alex. Unfortunately he has moved on to other things and have been disconnected from lines of communication. If you were contacted by him previously, in response to your question and still have an issued not resolved, please contact me personally at alex@artisticjusticegames.com and I will take care of these matters right away. This confusion has caused a lot of frustration and awkward situations we would like to fix immediately.

Ok, until the next update….. (which will be sooner than you think!) Have a great night and thank you so much for giving us a chance to regain our solid footing in reaching back out to you all. It has been a rough few months but we guarantee that things moving forward will be much smoother in communication and direction.

Zombie Edition and Tarot Cards!

Hi Everyone.

I know this is a bit off tangent since we still haven’t fully discussed the core gameplay mechanics in its entirety, but we’ve had several questions about Zombie Edition specifically.

What’s different in Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition?

In comparison to Fairytale Games: Battle Royale, the main focus isn’t just to kill off the other players. Instead, there’s a slight zombie infestation going on in the Fairytale Universe, and you have an alternative choice to try to stop it with other players or try to escape (though you can still very freely kill off other players/characters). Event cards will not be about the Trinity losing patience and observing how the players interact with each other, rather a countdown until the entire universe is infested. A lot of the action cards will be themed on the new way of thinking and different kind of survival.

Characters, Locations, and even items from the first game have infected versions in Zombie Edition. If you play by combining both Zombie Edition and Battle Royale, these cards get get infected and alter the pace and the momentum of gameplay.

Are the characters just art swaps of the Battle Royale characters or do they have different abilities?

Well, one thing, Zombies are pretty simple as a whole. So, after “turning”, your Battle Royale characters will fall under one of the 5 categories of zombies that roam Fairytale Games.

INFECTION. These types of Zombies have the ability to turn any character into a fellow zombie after killing them.

BUTCHER. These Zombies are beasts… they are all about doing overkill damage. So if a Butcher does at least 50% damage to your character in combat, they get more bloodlust and do double damage thereon after.

ASSIMILATION. Think of these types, as the patchwork zombies. If they kill a character, they can immediately spend some pestilence and start cutting and sewing on that character so that they can acquire their character ability. If you’re an aggressive zombie, you can assimilate up to 3 abilities onto your character! Yikes!

DEFILE. This is the recruiter zombie. When on an infected location, it can kind of dig up dead characters that weren’t “turned” and raise them as if they were freshly grown zombies. Your enemy, my friend…. your carcass, my faction 🙂

SPLIT. These are the worst kind in my opinion. If you kill Zombie Splitter me, I become two generic zombies. No abilities, sure….. but there are two of me roaming around. And for survivalists, that’s never a good thing.

So what are “generic” zombies?

For those who are playing with characters not in Battle Royale and are “turned” by the Zombie characters, you’ll have generic zombies that have no abilities represent you. Likewise, as a Splitter, you will turn into generic Zombies. There are also various situations that will use this stockpile of zombies (like when a Horde of Zombies appear and flank your party.)

There are a lot of other new mechanics and scenarios in Zombie Edition (like if you were to play it as a standalone) that we’ll cover at a later time. Just wanted to answer some immediate questions and give you a quick intro about Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition.

If you missed it in our Battle Royale campaign, you can get it in our Pledge Manager going on now!


About the Tarot Cards…

The very talented Artist on our team, Rio, has been working hard and producing some beautiful Art Nouveau inspired illustrations for our Tarot Deck. Here are only a couple samples for you to preview. We are still adjusting boarder colors so don’t be surprised if it changes slightly. As for the illustrations themselves, it’s really amazing how creative they resemble the original Tarot cards, but with a Fairytale Games and art style twist 🙂

A Fairytale Update!

Hi Everyone!

The long overdue update is here! First of all, please let me apologize for the delay. We’ve had a few things that have stalled us that is much of my own fault recently. Last month I personally was sick for 3 weeks with Pneumonia, then at the tail-end, bronchitis, then a pretty nasty Sinus Infection. It was a simple case of round-robin sickness at the household and office that put out a lot of us. During this time, a few things got mismanaged, namely communication. Once back at the office, it was brought to my attention that responsibilities regarding answering messages via Kickstarter Inbox and 2 of our 4 e-mail accounts had gone unattended. That is something that can NOT happen. So the situation has been rectified with hardened measures. Anyways, we are back up and running in the communication department and will try to reassure everyone that any previous unanswered messages will be attended to soon.

Because of our Pledge Manager system having opened on the Minis campaign, our inboxes for both campaigns and e-mail accounts have been slammed. We now have 3 people working on e-mails alone this week, so please continue your generosity of patience through this moment of hectic scrambling.

So today, let’s get started on several key updates. I have about 3 weeks of catching up to do and will make sure that we stay on top of things with the team to ensure you are all kept in the loop.


Since the beginning of March, we have updated the website with new card art. Of these are:

  • 1. Briar Rose
  • 2. Tatterhood
  • 3. Horror Edition: Mother Goose
  • 4. Steampunk: Peter Pan
  • 5. Steampunk: The Dwarvn
  • 6: Steampunk: Robin Hood
  • 7. Steampunk: Goldilocks
  • 8. Steampunk: Hook
  • 9. Zombie Juniper Boy
  • 10. Zombie Prince Charming
  • 11. Zombie 3 Army Surgeons
  • 12. Zombie Bastinda
  • 13. Zombie Snow
  • 14. Zombie Robin Hood
  • 15. Zombie Big Bad Wolf
  • 16. Zombie Rapunzel
  • 17. Zombie Red
  • 18. Zombie Piper
  • 19. Zombie Mowgli
  • 20. Zombie Dorothy
  • 21. Zombie Beast
  • 22. Zombie Hook

You can find them here: http://thefairytalegames.com/character-list/

For the Card Quota Artwork Play by Play….

Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = COMPLETE 🙂

Fairytale Games: Horror Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 123 Illustrations complete (Deadline: April 15th)

Fairytale Games: Steampunk Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 151 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: March 31st)

Fairytale Games: Zombie Edition: 294 Unique Art (475 Cards Total) = 80 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: April 30th)

Fairytale Expansion Set: 125 Unique Art (125 Cards Total) = 97 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: March 31st)

Legends of Time: 125 Unique Art (125 Cards Total) = 93 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: April 30th)

Promo Cards/Kickstarter Exclusives: 10 Unique Art (10 Cards Total) = COMPLETE 🙂

Teaser Pack: 48 Unique Art (45 Cards Total) = 40 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: March 31st)

Cheesecake Pack (The Backer Version): 100 Unique Art (100 Cards Total) = 70 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: March 31st)

Tarot Cards: 78 Unique Art (78 Cards Total) = 30 Illustrations complete (Deadline Goal: April 15th)

Rumplestiltskin!: 23 Unique Art = COMPLETE! 🙂

Super Fairytale Fighters 2:

  • Snow vs Red (Snow is at 90% / Red is 100% Complete)
  • Thumbling vs Tinker Bell (Thumbling is at 5% / Tinker Bell is at 20%)
  • John Henry Steel vs Iron John (Artwork to begin in March)
  • Hansel and Gretel vs Gingerbread Man (Artwork to begin in March)
  • Little Mermaid vs Belle (Artwork to begin in March)

As you can tell from above, a few things shifted in the dates because of the loss of time. While I was out of the office, the team guided our artists to the fulfillment of art in general, giving them the freedom to produce more artwork for the various sets, instead of going in order as planned. Now that we’re all on the same page, this is the current schedule we’re shooting for.



As we get further into the set of 78 cards, we’ll add a section to our website for Tarot Cards, so you can see what some of them look like. Any backer created one will need approvals from the individual backers. In the meantime, the non-backer Tarots will be updated in the coming weeks.


We are finally nearing the end of the backer likeness cards. And with that, this week we’ll post some of the backer approved cards to make our existing gallery more robust. For those who have revisions for your backer likenesses, we haven’t forgotten you! We are trying to go through all of you one through, then go back in order for all requested revisions. Thank you for your patience!


So besides the few pieces of artwork you’ve seen, we will put some of the actual cards up on our website for you to see samples of. The layout is different than our regular cards since we want more of the artwork to show. We have several artists working on those cards so there are some art styles you might really like and some that might be even better for others. Our cheesecake varies from style to style so some might be work safe and others not so much.

Here’s an example of Cheesecake Mulan: May not be work safe in some countries. And yes, she is fully clothed (it’s the lighting and shadows, the artist tells us.)


We have been moving through these slowly but surely. We’ve had a great success in the results for these. Our backer ideas are REALLY AWESOME and we want to make sure the artwork matches their creativity. We’ll get some approvals from backers and add a section in our website to post some of what we’ve been working on thus far. You’ll be amazed at the thought that went into their creation 🙂

For those who are still waiting, we are on our last 2 rounds. Each round has about 3-5 people on it so we are definitely about to get in touch with you soon!


We’ve been asked this quite a few times, so we’d thought we’d share this with you. Currently, we have about 70 artists working with us on our spread of games. Each one works at their own speed and are usually assigned 5 illustrations at a time. Some give us card art after each one is complete whereas some artists wait until all 5 are sketched out, approved, colored, then approved again as a group. Since our artists are from around the world, it can sometimes be tough to guide them into creating a perfect piece. Because of the different cultures, artists imagine a design based on how they perceive the description means or what they think of when they see a key word.

We’ve had to reject a LOT of artwork because of the style used, or the disconnect. It’s not that the artist is bad or slacking off, rather it might be that one character we assign them that proves to be very challenging or just didn’t click. So the filtering, guiding, and approval process is very extensive over here.

One of the most difficult characters to get right the first time was Tatterhood. This is basically the story of an ugly, loud, and oddly strong sister of her beautiful sibling, who eventually because of a few things that happen, becomes an even more beautiful woman at the end of her story. She has a pet goat and fights with a giant wooden spoon (ok, don’t blame us for that… blame Brother’s Grimm!). Here are 4 attempts (from different artists), the 4th being the final one we used. This took 4 tries and about 1 month each since the assignment was passed between artists during their round of assignments.


Woo…. this is the topic you’ve probably scrolled down to see. And completely understandable. As you saw from our Progress Report up top, we have completed all the artwork for Fairytale Games: Battle Royale! (Yay!) So with this, we can finally get our Demo Kit in order and get a local printer to print us out a rough copy of the game so we can use it on the much overdue and anticipated gameplay video. Keep in mind everyone on our team including myself look like idiots on camera, so please please please don’t judge based on presentation, rather on content 🙂

As for the timeline for the Demo Kit, it will not be this week. We had scheduled for this to be ready weeks ago, but after 3 weeks out of commission, I have to get everyone back on it and me on top of it, which means continuing the proofreading, and making sure all the stat numbers match our most updated excel sheet. Once we have it ready, we’ll put it on a PDF sheet with fronts and backs and a separate one for the character boards and player tokens. The Demo Kit has around 100-150 cards in total and the most current artwork. It will allow for up to 2-4 players to play. Because of the missing cards being that this is a Demo Kit only, solo play is probably not as fun since there’s not much to interact with. The Demo Kit is only used as a Tutorial and Guide for the various gameplay mechanics.


Simply, they have been “pre-casted” and are being shipped off for Moulding/Casting. This means, we are prepping the first batch of minis that Lion King tiers and above will receive, for our first real proofs. Once we have those, pictures, pictures, and more pictures! For those who want the details, check out our website or our Minis Campaign update thread.



Some of you have seen that the Pledge Manager from the Minis Campaign is up and running. Because of this, there has been some question as to whether there was a Pledge Manager for this campaign.

After this campaign ended, we took 2 weeks to recoup and build out our online store on our main website. We allowed for Backers and New Backers to pledge for items from our Battle Royale campaign, as if the campaign was extended. So at that time all the stretch goals and items were available for almost 2 months. In August, we shut down the store and that concluded our “Extended Pledging”. There was no Pledge Management system like the one we’re currently using. We made several announcements in updates during that time so if you missed it, though you won’t be able to get the same stretches and a couple of items, you can check out our Pledge Manager as a new backer and get most of the items on the list, as well as great minis and even a couple spin-off games such as Trinity Ball and Fairyale Lores!

Miniatures Campaign Pledge Manager: https://secure.greenbriergames.com/gms/

Keep in mind that if you are an existing backer of the second campaign, you are only able to see what you have pledged for in the Minis campaign and NOT the Battle Royale campaign. This is because we did not use the Pledge Manager for the first campaign.


We’ll keep progressing forward with game updates now that I’m back from the dead and we had a cleaning up internally of responsibilities and whatnot. Thanks again for your patience! We want to proactively keep discussion going to also help answer any game related questions so you’ll already have a good idea how to play before the Demo Kits come around. So in the next couple of days, we’ll start the Gameplay Updates back up again. See you then!


DISCLAIMER: If you are not interested in an introduction of an awesome game concept by Greenbrier Games, the company that brought you Ninja Dice and Zpocalypse, then please don’t read any further!

If you LOVE MINIS or just having a really fresh game concept, our great friends atGreenbrier Games have brought to you something new on Kickstarter, Heavy Steam!

Set in a steampunk universe, Heavy Steam is a game about piloting a giant mechanical humanoid war machine of doom. As a pilot you use the steam titan’s resources to strategically complete scenario objectives. More often than not it’s to defeat your opponent, but you’ve never shied away from a fight, have you?

  • In Heavy Steam you play the role of a pilot controlling your steam titian’s systems from the command center inside its head.
  •  Fully customize your steam titan: choose a robot, recruit your pilot, then customize with weapons of your choice.
  •  Plan ahead if you want to power your legs, weapons or other systems.
  •  The battle board is abstracted with easy to master combat.
  •  Event cards, terrain cards and other cards keep the game fresh and new every time you play.
  • The Minis are designed by their awesome team, so you KNOW the quality will be very detailed and that of Fairytale Games. Check out Heavy Steam Here!

Also, they just started a poll on BGG for any Fairytale Games fan who would like to see a character from our game make it into Heavy Steam as a Mech Themed Miniature! Feel free to post your favorites on BGG and they will pick the best ideas and create some sketches based on your ideas 🙂


Pledge Manager Notes and More!

Hi Everyone,

By now the Pledge Manager has gone live to everyone. First off, please excuse the timeliness of our replies. We are trying really hard to get back to everyone as quickly as possible, but we’ve been getting several hundred e-mails of questions almost every other day since the Pledge Manager has become live. Some of you have been very patient for weeks and we truly appreciate it, more than you’ll even know.

Right now, we have questions in our comment threads of both campaigns, e-mails to 5 of our e-mail addresses, forums, pledge manager admin, and even some for Greenbrier Games. To make things easier on everyone, we’d like to address a few things and try to streamline how we answer questions so we can get to you even quicker.

If you are an EXISTING BACKER and still have not received the pledge manager link please e-mail this address only:newpledgyacct168@gmail.com

If you are a NEW BACKER, the pledge manager link can be found here:



During the minis campaign, we made it possible during a limited period of time for anyone to pledge for the Teaser Pack of the first campaign. Because we didn’t foresee the usage of the Pledge Manager system now, we had previously wanted to manually make notes of this. But, this is causing a lot of issues since most of you pledged up during the campaign to get the teaser pack.

So…. our solution is that we have added the Teaser Pack to the Pledge Manager. For those who were looking for it before, please login and it should be there for you to complete your pledge with. Now….. we’re going by a somewhat loose honor system in that you would know whether or not you pledged during the time we suggested. So if you didn’t and are still going to add it in your cart, our system can’t tell the difference so it’s completely at your own discretion.


If for some reason you had spoken with anyone during the campaign in regards to special arrangements for the Minis Campaign, please only contact: alex@artisticjustice.com


During the campaign, we allowed backers to add one extra tier to your pledge (if you were approved for multiple and have questions, please use the e-mail above in the “special arrangements” paragraph). Previously, we had a confusion on the Pledge Manager and have since added an equivalent to the Nutcracker Tier and the Mad Hatter tier in the add-ons to help you manage your existing pledge better. For new backers, we sold out of the Big Bad Wolf tiers, but we are arranging with production to see if we have allowance to increase the number.


There are some of you who have asked if this was the Pledge Manager for the previous campaign, Fairytale Games: Battle Royale. This is actually the pledge manager ONLY for the Minis campaign.

About 2 weeks after the first campaign, we opened an online store and allowed anyone to continue their pledge via PayPal for about one and a half months. After, we closed the online store. So if you’re missing anything from the first campaign, be sure to check out the current Pledge Manager and pick up anything you missed, with the exception of the original Cheesecake Cards, Backer Tarot Cards, and their respective artbooks.


The Pledge Manager system has the Strawberry Cheesecake Pack available, which are the same 100 cards as the original Cheesecake Pack, but with 45 new artwork to replace the backer likeness from the original cheesecake pack. We are not offering the original cheesecake pack in the pledge manager system.

If you were from the original campaign and we approved your pledge for the cheesecake pack during this campaign, please contact us through the e-mail in the Special Arrangement paragraph above. If you were not approved during the minis campaign, we are unfortunately not offering any more pledges towards the original cheesecake pack.


That’s right! We have more WIPs for you all to see. Here are just a couple. For the rest of the new WIPs, please check them out here: http://thefairytalegames.com/the-minis/


Last time, we introduced to you a card and dice game called Capes and Villains, which Shingo Game will be launching on APRIL 28th. 

This time, if you LOVE MINIS or just having a really fresh game concept, our great friends at Greenbrier Games have brought to you something new on Kickstarter, Heavy Steam!

Set in a steampunk universe, Heavy Steam is a game about piloting a giant mechanical humanoid war machine of doom. As a pilot you use the steam titan’s resources to strategically complete scenario objectives. More often than not it’s to defeat your opponent, but you’ve never shied away from a fight, have you?

  • In Heavy Steam you play the role of a pilot controlling your steam titian’s systems from the command center inside its head.
  • Fully customize your steam titan: choose a robot, recruit your pilot, then customize with weapons of your choice.
  • Plan ahead if you want to power your legs, weapons or other systems.
  • The battle board is abstracted with easy to master combat.
  • Event cards, terrain cards and other cards keep the game fresh and new every time you play.

The Minis are designed by their awesome team, so you KNOW the quality will be very detailed and that of Fairytale Games. Check out Heavy Steam Here!



Pledge Manager Open to New Backers!


Great news everyone! For anyone who missed the campaign last September/October, here’s your chance to get in on some of the goodies! We’ve added a few new items on the list as well so be sure to check them out. All Big Bad Wolf tiers and above will still receive Stretch Goals so go wild!


Keep in mind our Pledge Manager system is still in its infancy stages so if you come across any questions or errors, please contact the admin through the pledge manager and we’ll do our best to quickly help you with it.

New Backers will need to sign in as a new user before you begin.

Also, Ninja Dice’s pledge manager is only open for 2 days! If you want to get the Undead Viking promo as well as the shipping bonus, please be sure to go through Ninja Dice’s pledge manager first before Fairytale Games: Minis Campaign.

——–| Admin Notes |———

Pledge Manager notes:

Note 1: All promotional pricing is tied into selecting the appropriate bundle during the addon step of your checkout. All bundle addons(groups of products) are limited to just 1/account. Individual products(not bundles), may be selected up to 8 times.

Note 2: Anyone who is purchasing a poster will need to send an additional email to posterprints8@outlook.com with their specific choices, especially if you are ordering multiple posters. Since not all the artwork is not completed for the posters, you don’t have to send this email now to complete your pledge.

Note 3: All virtual products (PDF’s, Print and Play documents) are not yet completed, and place holders have been uploaded for the time being. It is expected they will be finished sometime in September 2014. Once completed, the placeholder documents will be replaced with their paid equivalents, and the links within your invoice email, or from your profile will allow you to download the files at your leisure.

Note 4: All additional payments will be handled via Paypal at the end of the pledge confirmation process. Once completed, the only information you will be able to change is your shipping address.

Note 5: Their is no ability to add multiple pledge levels via this pledge manager. If you wish to obtain multiple pledge levels, you will need to create an entirely new account for the website. However, most of the pledge level tiers have had the bundles associated with them added to the addons section for individual purchase.

Note 6: Mad Hatter & Nutcracker Prince Pledge Tier Equivalent bundles have been added to the addons section to facilitate those of you with a desire for multiple pledge levels under a single account.

Pledge Manager goes Live Today!

Hi Everyone,

We are finally live! Thank you so much for your patience. As I type this, backers will be receiving invites (through your Kickstarter e-mails) to our Pledge Management system. Because of the number of backers we have for our Minis Campaign, e-mails will be sent out in increments of tiers. So if you haven’t gotten your invite yet, don’t worry, it might be on its way. Now if by Friday you haven’t received it yet, then please contact us immediately and we will see what we need to do to get you back into the system.

Important notes about the Pledge Manager:

When you first login, you should see both Ninja Dice and Fairytale Games. You can access either of the campaigns if you’d like (especially if anyone wanted to still get a chance to get the Undead Viking/Ninja Location Cards/Free International Shipping bonus associated by backing both projects).

If you have any questions about any of the items, selections, or menu options, please please please contact us. Because once you finalize your entry, it will close out your pledge and you will not have the ability to edit your items, though you can always login to edit your address.

As well, for those who want to increase your tier to any of the higher tiers, please contact the admin. At this moment, we have to do it manually though we are working on a fix for that for the near future. So if you’re a Big Bad Wolf and want to go to Iron John, let the admin know and we’ll work with you to make the adjustment before you finalize.

Also, please note that while we feel very proud to have had Greenbrier Games and Artistic Justice Games collaborate in the creation of the Pledge Manager for the Fairytale Games Minis Campaign, there will likely be minor bugs and boo boos. That’s to be expected. Fortunately, we took care of the worst of them, even having me personally break the system for a while. But regardless, we are looking forward to your input after the experience as well, as we proactively want to keep improving the system for future campaigns.

Questions about Posters!

For those who are receiving or would like to get posters…. If you notice there is an item for posters. You can increase the quantity if you’d like, but you will have to send us an e-mail of which posters you would like. The reason being, is that you have not seen all the possible artwork yet and it would be unfair for you to have to decide right now, which character you’d like immortalized on your wall. Since we are using a different shipping method for posters, there is no time limit for when you want to finalize your poster decision. So if you even want to wait until next year when you can see every card in the game in front of you, it’s still ok. And to make things easier, as we get more artwork in, we will make a Poster Gallery on our website to make searching for your favorite a lot less work.

Trinity Ball and Fairytale Lore!

Yep, both of these add-ons are in the Pledge Manager system. Be sure to keep your eye out for them! For those who missed the last update, you can check out the rules for these spin-off games on our website at www.thefairytalegames.com under the “spinoff games” tab.

And one more thing….!

We also got a few more 3D renders in! Please let me introduce you to the WIP of the Flying Monkey, Card Soldier, and Steampunk Belle 🙂

Minis Update and More!

Hi Everyone, since the last time we updated, we completed the “Sacred 40” 3D renders. If any of you missed it, please refer to: http://thefairytalegames.com/the-minis/

We have just started receiving mould and cast samples and will do a post in the next update with some actual footage of the samples! That is super exciting on our end as well. We hope to have that to you by next week. Following, we will send it to our manufacturer and get our first actual proofs. Believe me, once those are in, prepare to be force fed a plethora of photos!

Minis Moving Forward:

Great news is that we’re working on getting the new renders completed quickly. Having a larger and more streamlined sculpting team with Jed Wahl at the lead, will make the process for round 2 even quicker. We took a lot of your ideas from the Sacred 40 and will apply suggestions into these groups of new minis. Just like before, we’ll see the WIPs on our website first, before the more fine-tuned sculpts. Here are 2 new samples…. Carabosse and Iron John!


Ok, the Pledge Manager is finally ready! We are consolidating your accounts into the system and will send you e-mails to enter this Wednesday morning. This will give you all enough time to get ready for it. The Pledge Manager will be available up until April so there will be at least a month for you to add onto your pledges.


For taking so long to get this Pledge Manager up and running, we made an executive decision to COMPLETE BOX SET#9! For those who vaguely remember, that was the box set that had only 3 unlocked minis in it by the end of the campaign. Now, for anyone who backed us at the Big Bad Wolf tier and above, you will receive the following minis FOR FREE!

  • Sir Mordred
  • Briar Rose
  • Spartacus
  • Slit Mouth Woman
  • Backer Creation#1
  • Backer Creation#2
  • Lilith (40mm based, larger mini)

As for what the Backer Creations are, we don’t know just yet… but it’s currently under works with the backers of those tiers. We’ll update you as we know 🙂

As well, anyone can opt to pledge for these characters as add-ons. I mean, I’d like an army of Slit Mouth Women 😉


Besides the normal tiers and add-ons from the campaign, there are also 2 add-ons we made available in the Pledge Manager that you haven’t seen before. For a preview before Wednesday….

To find out more information on their Gameplay Rules, click the images or visit our website at: www.thefairytalegames.com


If you’re wanting to seen more updates on the card game progress, be sure to check our other campaign updates or frequent our website this week, as we’ll be making a pretty massive update for you!


We don’t normally do this, but we would like to give a quick shoutout to a project that launches today by Shingo Games. One of our graphic designers from Fairytale Games decided it was the right time to further develop his own company in the tabletop gaming industry. This is a great opportunity for him as his ideas are very awesome. So if you get the chance, let’s support his company’s debut and take a look at what his Kickstarter is all about 🙂

Capes and Villains is a 1-5 player Dice and Card that pits you as a Hero or Villain (or Super Villain) in the middle of an epic and rapid battle. Unlike a lot of other superhero games, his characters, though have a parody element of your favorite comic book heroes/villains, stand strong with a solid storyline that you can actually believe to be a real comic series. And if you’re a hardcore comic book buff, there are A LOT of inside easter eggs for you to see.

Coincidentally, he has already inquired about Minis to us, if one of their stretch goals hits. With that, there’s a possibility that if enough people love his characters that there will be some collaboration down the line. Iron John vs Iron Anvil! (Check out their website as well to see their list of characters: www.shingogames.com)

But don’t wait too long! His campaign starts today and he is offering a Day-1 exclusive card that will never be available again. Check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shingogames/capes-and-villains