Fairytale Lores


How do you play?

Each turn represents a battle or scenario between two teams of players (one vs one; two vs two; etc). Each player draws one card from a character deck and 2 cards from the Equipment Deck. The judge randomly draws a Scenario card which describes the objective and paints the setting. Players then look at their Character cards and possible Item or tool cards in their hands and try to come up with a clever or diabolical tactic to overcome the situation while setting up their opponent to fail. Once ready, every player places their cards face-down, then on the Judge’s common, they simultaneously reveal their cards and quickly describe, in an open discussion, how their team would defeat, beat, or completely screw up the opposing team’s strategy.

Each battle is moderated by a judge, who rotates every turn (like in games like Cards of Humanity or Apples to Apples). So not only being creative will win you the battle, but also teamwork and the ability to play off with each others’ characters and items. Remember, whoever convinces the judge completely, will be victorious.

Every victorious round earns Fairytale Points, tallied up by points on your opponent’s character cards that round. These can be saved or used in the next round to activate your new character’s abilities (that might alter certain cards in the game!) Each character has different abilities that might work well or not at all with equipment you have in play.

Of course it would seem as though whoever goes second has the advantage right? Nope. If your opponent claims their character is unrealistically powerful, you can challenge that claim. Once a challenge has been issued the judge has to immediately decide whether or not it’s a valid argument. This means your characters are able to do anything as long as the judge lets you get  away with it. The player acting as the judge and the grouping of teams changes after every turn, so the social dynamic, allying and backstabbing is always possible.

This is a great game for 3-5 players!


A Judge randomly selects one from the Scenario Deck and reads it to the group. This is the objective or obstacle for everyone to overcome.



Each player will get one random Character Card. With the exception of the first round, they can use Victory Points to activate their special abilities. Characters are also part of the storyline you create to overcome the obstacle. How well do you know your Fairytale Characters?



This is a possible type of card from the Equipment Deck. These are your Weapons, Armor, and things that you might be able to use physically and creatively.



Item Cards are a bit different than tools as they might be used on your opponents or allies and will be gone once you use them. Some are great to get you out of a really bad situation whereas others are just fun to make other players mad!


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