Trinity Ball


Just in time to go head to head with the other ball crushing games out there, Trinity Ball brings the Kaos to you! Just for kicks, the Trinity (Evil Queen, Queen of Hearts, and the Frost Queen) decide to bring even more Dread to the already dark events of Battle Royale and make things Extreme!

In this game, you can use any of your Fairytale Games minis to play! The game groups your characters by their Factions and offer a variety of brutal and bloody signature attacks to gain the upper hand. Get the ball stolen? No worries, just remove an opponent’s arm and they’ll drop the ball. That’s right, there’s some grit in this game; Blood and action galore. Form your team of Guards, Sprinters, and Tacticians and let’s get the ball rolling!

This is a 2-4 player, dice and card game. Contents of this game are:
▪ 10 custom dice
▪ 60 Faction Specific Action Cards
▪ 20 General Action Cards
▪ 20 Tactic Cards
▪ 30 Event Cards
▪ Ball and Faction Chipboard Tokens
▪ 20 Item Cards
▪ 10 Player Boards
(Note: This game does not come with any miniatures)

The field consists of hex grids with a goal on each side. Your object, is to score as many points as possible before the timer runs out or slaughter the entire opposing team…. literally.

Just like with the Fairytale Games: Battle Royale, the Trinity are observing the game and if impatient,  add a little bit of mayhem to speed things along to find their champions. Event Cards will act as your timer as they will be discarded per each round. Event cards may consist of field changing elements or things that will effect both team factions, winners or losers specifically. Once there are no more event cards available to draw, the game is over and a winning team is announced. (Note: For the “EXTREME” version of this game, winner needs to slaughter the opposing team or score 10 successful points before the timer goes down to zero or everyone’s neck collar explodes and there is no winner.)

At the beginning of the game, you will use 12 Player Points per team to form a team of Sprinters (2pts), Guards (2pts), Tacticians (3pts), and Warriors (4pts).
▪ Sprinters: They can’t equip armor or weapons, their movement is greater, they can pass and shoot goals,  they can use items
▪ Guards: They can equip Armor but not weapons, they can use items, their can pass but not shoot, they have a defense bonus
▪ Warriors: They can equip Weapons and Armor, they can use Items, they can pass and shoot
▪ Tacticians: They can spend Action Points to use Tactic Cards for the team, they can use Items, they can pass but not shoot

You can either create a team based on a certain Fairytale Games Faction, or use random minis but select a faction they will belong in. The Factions available for this game thus far are:
▪ The Wild Ones
▪ The Horror Show
▪ The Dark Ones
▪ The Fugitives
▪ The Children of Magic
▪ The Mercenaries
As we add more Factions in our games, we will update the rulings of this game so you can play as new factions!

These cards are used only by your chosen faction. This will be in a face down deck available for you to purchase using Trinity Points.

Unlike Faction Specific Action cards, these can be utilized by any character, no matter their team assignment (guard, tactician, etc…). Action cards are purchased using Trinity Points rewarded for scoring (3points), winning combat (2points) or stealing the ball from someone (1point). You may play Action cards only on your turn (though you can use them on your team or on your opponent’s team depending on what that Action is. Quick Action cards can be used at any time during your opponent’s turn or your own.

ACTION POINTS: Each player will have a chance to use 2 Action Points per character on your team. A player will play all of their team’s movement before the opponent plays theirs, with the exception of reactive actions such as playing “Quick” Action Cards, using Items, or responding when combat is initiated. Action points are used for:

▪ Moving a character
▪ Initiating combat
▪ Playing an Action Card
▪ Playing a Tactic Card
▪ Using an Item
▪ Equipping a Weapon or Armor
▪ Trading Items, Weapons, or Armor with other players
▪ Passing
▪ Shooting

Specific Factions will move differently, either more spaces or less (to exemplify speed.) There are ways to increase movement in the game or at least temporarily enhance movement speed.


There are actually a few types of tokens in the game that you can attach to your character via a removable peg stand on the base of your miniatures. These chipboard pieces will allow you to indicate what faction you belong in and who has the ball. There are also a few Status indicators as well.


In this game here are a few statuses you might run into (or be victim of):
▪ Poison
▪ Stunned
▪ Dying


Characters that receive 3 wounds will be in the “dying” status. If after the end of the turn, there is no one able to revive them (with a item, tactic, or action card), that character is removed from the game and considered dead. The player who killed them will at that point, receive the Trinity Points.


There are two types of die, Combat and Faction. Here are the faces of the Combat Die:
1. Hand Icon – Push, Pass, Intercept Pass or Shoot
2. Sword Icon – Attack
3. Shield Icon – Defend, Block Pass or Shoot
4. Ball Icon – Score
5. FairytaleGames Icon – Wild

When rolling against someone, you basically cancel any Positive moves with Negative moves. For example, if you shoot and roll 2 ball icons and 1 hand icon while your opponent tries to block or intercept and they roll 1 shield icon and 2 ball icons, your will still make a successful shot. If lets say it’s a tie, then your shot does not go through. Wild icons are whatever that player wants it to be.

The Faction Die will correspond with each Faction Team card to see what kind of possible bonus they will received during the Shooting, Passing, or Combat Phases.


It’s important to gauge your team’s range for shooting and passing as it will be one way to win the game. Strategy is very important so be weary of your tactic and action cards as one card or one space can win you the game. A really cool bonus for players using our 40mm based mini characters, is that though you sacrifice 2 movement, you will be allowed to throw any of your players like you were passing a ball. This might overcome certain movement obstacles by throwing a player over the head of an opposing guard! To figure out this throwing distance,  you would take your Faction’s passing range + 4 bonus range (for being a 40mm character), then minus the character’s team assignment (of the character you are trying to throw; Guard = 3, Warrior = 2, Sprinter = 1, Tactician = 1) and minus 1 extra point of each Armor or Weapon they have equipped. But be careful! There are a few surprise Action cards that may allow characters to fly up just in time to gut you in the air as you’re flying overhead!

When shooting or passing,  you will need to roll a certain number of die, specific to your character’s team assignment (if they are shooting or passing).
▪ Sprinters = 1 die for passing or shooting
▪ Guards = 2 die for passing; they can not shoot
▪ Warriors = 3 die for passing or shooting
▪ Tacticians = 1 die for passing; they can not shoot

If the pass or shoot will need to go through a opposing player, that player can roll for an Interception (dice number corresponds to their team assignment). As well, you can play Action Cards. (Note: if a pass or shoot does not go through any of your players, you can still play certain “Quick Action” cards that apply).
If you intercept a pass or shoot, you gain control over the ball and your opponent’s turn is immediately over.


If a character initiates combat with one of your characters (they must be directly adjacent to your character), you have 1 chance to “Push” them away by rolling 1 combat die to see if it lands on a PUSH icon. If not, combat begins!

Depending on the Assignment of your Character, you will use that many dice to attack or to defend:
▪ Sprinters = 1 die
▪ Guards = 2 die
▪ Warriors = 3 die
▪ Tacticians = 1 die

Both players will also roll their Faction Die. Depending on if you’re offensive or defensive, you have  a chance of receiving a faction bonus that might win you the battle or escape.

If you lose in combat, you will receive a Wound. After 3 wounds, your character will be in the “dying” status. As well, each faction will have an effect that will apply if a character wins or loses in combat.


Well, this is up to you but normally a victory dance or an assignment of an embarrassing loser’s dance is mandatory.

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