Super Fairytale Fighters 2


In a two player game, the goal is to get the opponent down to zero health points or less. There is no time limit so a balanced game can be played as quickly as 15 minutes or as drawn out as 45 minutes depending on your fighting strategies. Though the starter decks come pre-constructed with 54 cards, you can have as many cards in your deck as you want, though only 4 maximum of each card. A deck can not have less than 50 cards and there is no maximum hand size (meaning, you can have over 7 cards in your hand if you choose to.)

Super Fairytale Fighters 2 uses the same gameplay mechanics as our other game, Martial Arts: The Card Game. You don’t require resources to play cards from your hand (with the exception of Strategy Cards). So keep in mind that you can play moves directly from your hand to act or react to your opponent instantly.




  • Each Deck has a different theme. John Henry Steel, for example is a beatdown deck, using strong attacks and defense. Red, however is themed on setting traps and has more indirect attacks that require timing and more strategy. Because of this, some decks are a bit deeper on the learning curve than the other.
  • Though each deck is themed, you can mix and match with other decks to create your own fairytale character. Remember, only 4 of the same cards per deck and each deck has a 50 card minimum!



SNOW: A very well rounded deck that relies on help from other characters. She has very few linking combos in her deck, though with a well-timed ally, you can interrupt any move and be in a great position to launch an all out stampede of your own.

RED: Heavily based on trap-setting and backing your enemy into a place where any move they do will end up with a penalty. Toy with your enemy and set them up for the kill. This is a more intermediate deck as it requires a lot of stalling and is a bit slow in the beginning.

LITTLE THUMBLING: The deck concentrates on dodging and hiding until it’s time to launch an onslaught of small attacks. None of Thumbling’s attacks deal great damage, but with enough persistence, you can quickly wear down your enemy for the kill.

TINKER BELL: This deck is about evasive “stick and move” tactics, utilizing her size and speed as an advantage. She also has a bunch of tricks and uses direct damage that will mess with any kind of deck strategy.

IRON JOHN: This deck is almost pure beat-down. His deck relies on offensive and full on attacks that pack a lot of power, though by missing really huge moves might give your opponent a huge advantage.

John Henry Steel: Also a beat-down deck with a twist. His actually starts off very weak and slow, but as you encounter more items in your deck, you can keep assimilating them to yourself to become more and more powerful. A very slow ramping deck that becomes extremely versatile as the battle goes on.

HANSEL & GRETEL:  A very split deck where any moves from Hansel are more offensive while Gretel’s cards are more tactical. Overall this deck is well balanced, though it will feel like you’re playing with two different strategies. A lot of the offensive/tactical cards in this deck are tricks you play on your opponent to create a mischievous win!

THE GINGERBREAD MAN: This deck is one of the most difficult decks to master as there are no real tactical themes in the deck. He fights dirty, randomly, and often times producing powerful moves at the expense of his own health or disadvantage. A very fun and unpredictable deck.

HUA MULAN: Her deck is a very well balanced deck with similar ratio of attacks, defense, and power moves. This deck is a great one to start playing the game with as well as it offers enough strength and dynamic to go up against any deck strategy that your opponent can throw at you.

ROBIN HOOD: His deck is a very quick deck full of weak attacks meant to stun and overwhelm you. The deck’s objective is to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible with as much rapid variety that can fly out of his bow.

SHERLOCK HOLMES: This deck is about defense in a way that he can deactivate tactics and dodging moves even more successfully after seeing them more often. This deck is a very strategic deck based on reaction.

MORIARTY: This deck is all about strategy and tactics in that he can set up several scenarios that occupy or deny opponents from attacking or using tactics of their own. Moriarty fights very dirty and unlike any other deck we have so far, the goal is to win by having your opponent run out of moves or the ability to do anything in the game.

HATTER: This deck offers a mix of trap setting, offense, and stealth moves. He is an assassin of the Queen’s Court, after all. His deck requires a lot of combinations to pull of devastating moves, but offers a lot of variety in gameplay. This is a good intermediate deck.

ALICE: This deck is a deck based on counters and on shot power hits. She uses everything she can find in Wonderland and her survival instincts to boost her power after every successful counter-attack. This way of fighting is extremely difficult to master as you have to be ok with attacks coming your way and have enough planning to know how you’ll make your opponent pay for that attack.

Big Bad Wolf: The deck is all attacks and no defense. It’s a deck you would have to play quickly and concentrate on linking moves after another in order to overpower your opponent with increasingly ferocious attacks. Plenty of kill moves fill out this deck that make this a very aggressive style of play.

CINDERELLA:  A deck that concentrates on defense and exploiting an opponent’s weakness. She has an arsenal of counteracting items and weapons that she can use to stalk and slay you. This deck requires a lot of defense stalling and precise strikes to defeat your opponent.


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